Friday, May 7, 2010

Something Old, Something New

Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

No I was not a Bride in a wedding, but it was an interesting week that included alot of old and new experiences.

First, Something Old.

This week showed again why "hunting" in W-Space is so awesome.  In our genreal activities of finding something to do (read collapsing WH's and scanning) we came accross a few active people in a mining op.  There were two miners and a couple of POS's in system and several cans out.  A welcoming party was quickly assembled and a quick scan of the POS's showed an Orca. With the number of cans jetted it appeared they were going to haul with the Orca.  Needless to say a great op that had people salavating.  In any other space other then W-Space this type of op would have been pointless as it would have been impossible to maintain any eliment of surprise.  But in W-Space we were able to get several cloaky things into the system, have eyes on all targets, and POS's and execute a textbook ambush of the Orca and two miners.  No "Local Spike", no free intel, great use of skills and ships the way they were designed.

Few days later, we managed to find  a Drake sitting on a hole outside a system we had been playing some games of "chase" with some fellow probers.  First thought of course was "bait drake".  A small fleet assembled and we were again able to deploy cloaky ships to assess the situation and even get to the point of flying through the hole he was sitting on to asses the other side.  If this was bait, then there seemed to be no hook.  End result is we were able to get the Drake to jump both ways through the wormhole and get his 4 minute session timer activated.  No help arrived and Drake went down quietly.  In the end, the Drake pilot again had no idea the number of cloaky things hunting him, where in low or null he would have recieved the "free" information on our numbers in system at all times and been able to probably better assess the situation at hand. 

So glad there is no local in W-Space.  It truely enables small fleet ops to be highly effective versus needing the "blobs" of low and null sec.

Now for Somethng New.

Finally got my Legion.  Ship looks so sweet.  Can not wait to kill some sleepers in it. 

Also, finally got to participate in my first attack on a POS.  Very interesting experience that gave me a whole new respect for POS setups and defenses.  All I can say is that Module balance and placement really do matter.

So far I am impressed with the huge difference between C2 and C6 life.  I look forward to getting a couple of other key skills trained in next month that will continue to enable me to do more and more in this environment.