Sunday, February 27, 2011

My New Hero

So right now, almost all my W-Space toons are in my new C3 with a Null Static, setting up my PI refuge.  So I was not around to witness this story.

Last night I log in and private chat one of the guys I still communicate with from the C4 corp, and to say the least he is hot. Like steaming mad, punch a wall and spit in another soccer team's fan's face hot (well thats what all us US people think you crazy soccer fans do anyway).  Finally I get him to calm down a bit and start to get the story.

Appears that our corp has successfully ambushed a couple of BS running sites in our static C3 and killed and podded one of them.  So on logs my friend for a quick check of whats going on and they are screaming for help closing the hole before the C3 corp figures out what hit them.  He is ensured the hole is not critical and can support 2 Orca runs (those of us familiar with 2B mass holes and the shear fatness of an Orca can immediately grasp the fallacy in this statement).  So without a refit for probe scanner, or cloak, or anything that could help survive in a hostile C3, off my friend goes to the hole.  Now we all know what happened, because if he passed twice and closed the hole there would be no story to tell.

So one emo-rage log off, some confusion on WTF happened, calls for a petition cause the WH mass must have been bugged, some diplomatic overtures for help meet by a resounding "pound sand" and the end result was one Orca piloted by an implant rich toon, stuck in a hostile C3 with no cloak, no probe launcher, and no BM to the static low sec that had never been scanned out.  Needless to say the thought of losing 750M in ship and implants was not appealing.  I suggested trying to negotiate in local, but really that was fools hope.  The only hope I saw was a passer through seeing a jet can and helping.  But my friend had another plan.

I left to go watch a movie with the SO and came back to find a much calmer and while happy does not describe the mood, at least relieved friend. My friend's Orca and pilot were back in High Sec and safe.  He had managed this in a way I would have probably never thought of.  Locator Agents.

He had spammed all the active toons online for the corp in the C3 that he could find.  From there had found a few of them clustered in a section of low sec.  He proceeded to send a covert ops scanner to that area, found a number of wormholes, including a C1 with over 25 anoms, before successfully finding his little lost ship.

I was amazed in such a short time (2 hours) he was able to accomplish this rescue.  And for that he is my new hero.  Great job dude.  But next time fit a probe launcher and cloak to that Orca.


  1. Thanks bro - love your blog. Shame on me for being a total dumb a$$, you are right, I will never take anyones word again when closing a hole, and I can tell you one thing, I'll always have a probe launcher, cloaking device and a scanning ship inside the Orca. But you are the hero man, anyone who takes time to write up cool articles like this are the hero's, I am just a lucky man who found a little more than fool's gold. Fly safe amigo!

  2. Wow, that's freaking brilliant. Talk about performing under pressure. I'm filing that idea away for that inevitable day.

    Or I'll also put scanning ships in my Orca. :)