Wednesday, September 11, 2013

One Change I Don't Like

I really, really don't like that the new probing system is really getting to the point of "launch probes, press button, find shit".

Now don't get me wrong.  I love the new scanning system compared the one some of remember where you had to set BM's in system, the "Comb" probe took like 15 minutes each cycle (back when Acquisition skill 10% was significant) and were not guaranteed to be successful. That system sucked ass.

But now, you open the Probe Screen, launch 8 probes in a decent configuration, everything stays centered unless you mess up the controls, and every signature has a giant Red sphere on the screen before you even scan.  So much for the need to scan 5-6 planets in a big system for the 1-2 sigs.  Now you know the planets right away.

I don't know, maybe this is all just "when i was a kid, we use to walk uphill in the snow to school both ways", but I liked scanning when it took some RL skills and was not just a rinse repeat mini game for rewards.  Really now there is almost no challenge to or RL skill in finding sites.  It is just a repeat of steps over and over that has removed some of the "prestege" of being a really good scanner that was valued in W-Space.

Oh well, at least I don't need a T1 Industrial to carry around 40 different types of 4 different probes and spend an hour in every single system.  But I do think CCP has now made it too easy.

Fly Safe,

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