Sunday, June 6, 2010

All Together Again

After dissolving our WH ops, my three toons have all been scattered to the wind.  Hundo first learning PVP and then trying a stent in a C6 Wh corp.  Ian ran Cosmos missions and ran with some L4 PVE types, and Capt. just sat around doing some invention and a little mining.

Well I am finally happy to have them all back in one corp and headed out to null sec.  In addition I am happy to hook up with Star Defender and other I have met during my time blogging.

While i am still getting the parts and pieces together to get all my stuff out to our pocket (null sec logistics do really suck), I am looking forward to being able to bring several toons to the game in the same area.

As part of this endeavor, we will be running WH's in a more nomadic fashion and I look forward to starting to look to solo C3's, as well as continue to fleet C5's.

Hope to be able to start posting a little more regularly, but might not be 100% WH content.


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