Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye and Hello Mr. Legion

Well I can say the wait was worth the trouble.  T3 cruisers are sweet.

Now, I have to say when I first got in my Legion and try some lower WH anomolies, I was not impressed.  But it was my skills not the ships fault.

I have always been a Caldari PVE type player.  Through my first trip through game and even most of what I have been doing so far on my second stent.

Yes I trained Amarr, but I approached it like a Caldari would.  Massive tank, no speed and long range.  Yes not exactly the formula for success in a T3 Cruiser.

So as you might expect my first experience with a Legion, heading into a fight with 2 Sleeper BS's and a few webbing cruisers did not end well.  Suffice it to say that 2 Sleeper BS's can pretty much take a Legion from half armor to POD in one dual volley.  Fortunetly my 350M armor repper survived.

After a brief lesson on how to effectively fly a cruiser sized ship, the importance of speed and yes navigation skills (what the hell are those, says the Caldari in me), I got back on the Legion horse.  Have to say I am damned proud I did.

This ship is great.  With a tweak of a few skills and setup I now top 600m/s while holding a 25k km orbit.  I am hitting for as much damage as I usually did with a volley of 7 heavy missiles on a drake, in about a third less time.  I have a very healthy fear of webbers now, as well as tracking disruptor (both new fears for a Caldari missile chucker).

I am still learning the best approach to PVE in the Legion, but I can now solo all 0.0 anomolies, and would have no fear in taking on Class 2 WH anomolies solo either.  Class 3 might still be a stretch, but more for not knowing the triggers and beiong afraid of triggering an overwhelming force. 

I am still working on getting all the skills needed to really max out the Legion (like all subs to V, and some remaining gun and armor skills to V), but man am I impressed with the T3 Cruiser. 

Guess my days of warping in and sitting there in a raven and drake are a thing of the past.

Fly Safe,

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  1. Nice you blog you've got here, thanks for sharing your experiences.

    I've just read this and well, I have to object, the Caldari way is not sitting there: no speed ;)

    It's always about how do you like to tank, and speed tanking is a viable option for cruisers but not for BS class ships.

    You should really have a look at the Tengu if you've been already into missiles.

    Keep up the writing