Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chumming the waters

From Wiki
Chumming is the practice of luring animals, usually fish and sharks, by throwing "chum" into the water.  Chum often consists of fish parts and blood, which attract fish, particularly sharks due to their keen sense of smell.

As related to EVE.
Chumming is the practice of luring pilots, usually large gangs, by throwing "chum" into the system.  Chum often consists of stupid pilots in expensive PVE ships or poorly run fleets, which attract large gangs, particularly those who know how to use Dotlan.

I remember a conversation I had in local with a group of pilots doing stupid things in really nice ships.  I basically was trying to get them to realize that their was a direct correlation between them repeatedly getting killed running havens in PVE fit ships and the large number of roaming gangs that came through our pocket every night.  I tried to get them to realize that they were in effect "Chumming the Waters" and drawing these incoming fleets, to the detriment of all in the pocket.  Alas, they could not see the correlation, and eventually they went back to running L4's in high sec since "they could not make any Isk losing ships every night".

With the shear amount of knowledge available to find "chummed systems", it is easy for gangs to see where the action is at and to head out looking for a good fight.

I can jump on DOTLAN and see every system in our area, how much ratting is going on, what times, and if ships have been killed.  A good FC can "sense" the blood in the water and find the action.

Recently, we were involved in a major engagement with probably 20-35 pilots on both sides of the fight.  The aftermath was a large spike in kills in a system.  Within an hour, roaming gangs from across the region were seen roaming our "waters" and resulted in a couple of very nice subcap encounters.

If this type of action is repeated for a week or so, the area will start to become know as a "feeding ground" and will draw fleets in from light-years around. 

Great for PvP, bad for making a productive location for Isk generation.

Just something to think about as you try to balance Isk generation and pew pew fun.

Fly Safe,

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