Friday, October 7, 2011

If Dogs Played EVE

I know from being on Comms that a lot of EVE players are also animal lovers, or at least animal toleraters.

So I thought I would take some snapshots of some dogs. and labs to be specific, and discuss what type of players they would be if they played EVE.

First up.

Our Industrialist dog.  His slightly sad look from getting his Tech 2 Rigged Hulk ganked the same week he went 0 for 10 on Falcon invention gives him away.  His ears hang low from being so tired after having to take down his High Sec Pos for the third time on last 6 weeks due to another stinking War Dec.  His keen eyes are still somewhat bright at the thought of Drake prices rising slightly netting him a better profit on his latest mineral haul.

Expert at flying an Orca, Freighter, Hulk and Inty V.

Our Second Dog.

Our PvE dog.  Note the intense stare, the thorough concentration on the spawn coming from his left.  He has obviously read Eve-Survival and knows this is where the action is coming from.  The perked up ears an sign of his attention to the task at hand - shooting a ton of Red Crosses.  He knows all the chain ratting rules.  This dog is a serious force to be reckoned with for sure.

Expert at flying Golum, CNR, Paladin and Damnation

Our Third Dog.

Our Exploration dog.  The thirst to find things, the inquisitive stare, the ears slightly cocked at attention to the slightest sound.  This dog is definitely versed in scanning, hacking, analyzing, salvaging, and probably even running Incursions.  He seeks to find things in systems where other simply fly through.  The challenge of locating that 6/10 plex keeps him scanning from system to system.

Expert at Covert Ops, Tengu and Legion.

Our Final Dog.

Our PvP pilot.  Nuff Said.

Fly Safe,

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