Friday, August 23, 2013

I find myself back in W-Space

Its been a long 20 months since my last post, and a lot has happened.  I have so many stories related to my time in the CFC that I can finally tell now since I am no longer in the CFC and don't have to worry about the potential negative ramifications.  I plan on telling some of these stories in time, but first the main news that caused me to want to restart the blog again.

"I have moved back to W-Space"

Well not full time, and not with all my pilots, but with enough of them to make a significant portion of my time spent in the warm comfort of an environment with no local and one where everyday presents a different opportunity to find some fun and make some Isk.

The Isk.

Ohhh the Isk.

In the end that is what brought me, and some of my corp mates, back to W-space with a collection of our more seasoned Isk making alts.  As we looked to depart the CFC (and really even before that as a way to make Isk while on deployment and waiting for the jabber pings), we looked more and more into running Capital Escalations in a C5 for our primary source of income for our PvE pilots.  We found that a C5 wormhole presented the best of both worlds for making some Isk for our pilots.  More seasoned PvE pilots could run with the Combat site team, while lower skilled pilots could run Gas Sites when they were available.

So with some scanning and the eventual help from a Broker (thanks William Wormhole), we settled into a C5 with a C2 static.  So far it has been ideal.

I hope to over the next few weeks post about some of the "fun" that I have had in the last 20 months, as well as some of the things I am amazed at in WH space now.

Feels good to be back and able to tell some stories.  I can only hope some of you out there will come back and make this stupid blog a part of your EvE reads.


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