Monday, December 5, 2011

100th Post - Accomplishing a Few Goals

Well first and foremost, writing 100 posts and still having people read them is an accomplishment in itself.

But I did want to share another accomplishment with the readers.

When I decided to restart GWNE from its PI alt purpose to being a corp I actively ran and focused on PvP, I wanted to be in the Top 10k on Battleclinic as a corp. Why?  Because I saw that as representing a level where it would show we actually knew what we were doing.  We had more kills than losses, and overall I thought it would show we were not complete Carebears (despite my many indy related posts here would seem to confirm I am in fact a Carebear).

So it was with great satisfaction that GWNE did in fact crack the Top 10k in corps around Thanksgiving, and as of this writing sits at 8400.

Battleclinic Corp Standing

I wanted to take a few minutes and highlight a few of the more "special" kills to me.

The FirstNoctis go Boom, with Melted Nanos

Always a special spot for my first.  Was even a post here.  It was a classic SB kill on a Noctis salvaging sites alone.  I was disappointed there were no tears in local, but it was a blast and my heart was racing lining up this solo kill.

First Night In LowKill 1  & Kill 2

Again worthy of its own post.  Killing a couple targets and forgetting probes to find way out did a lot to introduce me to my new alliance mates.

First Kill In SyndicateWelcome to Syndicate

This was our first organized effort at a SB roam.  We had probably 3-4 engagements through out the system  and netted several really nice kills, while losing only a SB in return.  That is until the Black Ops dropped us on a gate and evened the score for the night.

First Repeat Kill in under 30 minutesBound & Determined

Guess he really, really, really wanted to finish that site.

And from there its been a blur of kills and losses, but always more kills it seems.

I am proud in my corp in maintaining a solid efficiency and steadily climbed in points on BC.

So I am happy to say I have accomplished 2 goals recently in EVE.  100 posts (and people still reading) and taking GWNE to the Top 10k in corps on BC.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have gotten some enjoyment out of my stories.

Fly Safe,

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