Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Down Side of W-Space Living ... Boredom

Well I got someone yesterday asked why I have not posted in a week. Simple answer, nothing has happened worth reporting.

We are back in our home system and the second day back we had a K162 open and someone cleaned us out.  All Sigs and all Anomolies.  We have had 2 (or 3 with an inbound K162) sigs for almost 4 days now.  This is unusual for a Class 2, as we are used to seeing a spawn rate of 1-2 Sigs per day.

To add insult to injury, our neighbors through the static D382 have been either as bad as our own, or actively being run.  We have not found in the last 10 neighbors anything worthwhile.  Last night was the biggest tease.  Found the D382, warped through, found a POS but nobody home.  Scanned down the 15 sigs and found 5 grav sites.  Took about 30-45 minuites and when I warped back to the wormhole to take a short break and watch some TV with the SO, the hole had switched over to "End of Life".  So that really limited what I could hope to do as I did not feel like tempting fate for more then an hour.  So yet another limited night.

To top this current situation off, Min prices continue to fall and the isk available versus just high sec mining continuies to fall. 

This really brings me to a decsion point on what I want to do.

1) Hang tight.  Burn $8M isk a day in fuel and hope the simple reaction I am running offsets the fuel costs.

2) Import another Simple Reaction and rely on that to offset costs of fuel and wait for grav sites to appear again.

3) Pull out and reconsider W-Space all together

4) Pull out and go nomad and just rely on medium POS setup and chase class 1-3 systems for Grav sites alone

5) Pull out and move to a Class 4.  Would not be able to run the combat stuff solo, but the main point of W-Space for us has always been Mining.  I am fairly certain within a week or so I could find a Class 4 with static class 4.

6) Pull out and move to null sec.  With the overwhelming need for indy types in Null sec this might be a tempting offer.

Anyway, random ramblings, but bottom line is I hate to sit here thinking of the fuel burning through the POS and nothing to do in our w-space home.  It does suck.



  1. I suggest a 7th alternative to you: Go do some of the PVE content in your hole. Tags from sleepers provide us with roughly 50% of our total income alone, with income from mining consisting of about 35% of the total income.

    spice up your game ;-)

  2. Sup man? Got To your Blog through Star defenders..
    Iv been living in WH space for a while now, only just got back into tho - Been living in this C2 running the sites witha drake. There are 7/8 Grav/Ladar sites that I have no interest in at all, The WH itslef has had no traffic other than our own also, so your welcome to those sites if you want :)
    Good luck :D

  3. I'm in a WH Corp ATM but have kept an eye on the recruitment forum. I've seen quite a few requests for miners in 0.0 lately.

    Still haven't decided which is the best way to go or if it's just a wash.

  4. QP - We don't even have any anoms to run currently.

    As for "justifing" a w-space existance versus High Sec, I dont think that running anoms, radar and Mag sites in w-space is anywhere near the CONSISTANT isk/hr of L4 grinding. I stress Consistant because of the high variablity due to the number of melted nano's you get. Also with the "nut" of 8M/day to keep a presence in W-space, you could just as easy run anoms and sites with no need for a POS (as most people we see invade do).

    Pl3ppp - thanks for the offer, but the logistics would be tough to move between holes.

    Anom - I have had at least 2 offers to move my indy toons to 0.0 as people try to get the base mining level high enough to add mining upgrades to their I-Hubs.

    Overall, I am thinking its either head to a class 4 with a static class 4 to get "deeper" into w-space and hopefully less traffic, or pull out and go with a more mobile/nomadic class 1-3 setup, where the POS could be setup in an hour or two, instead of several nights.


  5. well OK. You might be right for low end wormholes, however if you move into a higher class the story is completely different. A single site in a Class 5 will give you around 250M ISK just from the tags and if you have a group of 5 folks you can clear one C5 anomaly in about an hour.

    Class 5/6 wormholes are still the most profitable PVE one can do in the game.

    Please note that I am not even taking into account the Salvage drops - I am only talking ISK from Tags here - so the ISK are consistent.

  6. Wow QP - I am drooling. I would have to look closer but I think a typical C2 Anom might be 5-10M in tags. I know not bad, but really very boring when there are only 4 different sites. As for radar and mag sites in C2 there is really no huge isk from the cans. So PVE in a C2 is really a Melted Nano gambling affair. Get a lot and you can make good isk, get a few and its not colse to L4 PVE.

    I guess I missed an option too that I have been told in game.

    Move out, dissolve corp and join a higher end W-space Corp. That might also be of interest, but at this point the move out and find a Class 4 with Static 4 seems to be leeding in my mind.


  7. I'm surprised at the "overwhelming need" for industrial types you mention in 0.0. I've been in 0.0 space for many years, in both goonfleet (now waffe heh) and on spy accounts in enemies and neutrals, and it always struck me that people wanted PvPers, PvPers and more PvPers. Is there a change post-Dominion?

  8. Endie,

    Based solely on the "interest" I have recieved from corps looking for miners, I would have to say there is an increased interest.

    In both of the serious cases where I was approached it was the case of Alliances allowing members to have alts form corps and "rent" systems from the Alliance. With Sov now costing an Alliance they have to generate revenue to cover these costs I assume and therefore are looking for ways to do so.

    In addition, the upgrades for belts require a base level of mining activity to "improve" the system.

    The biggest downside and the reason I will not be headed out, is that these null sec grav sites have to be mined completely to respawn. If these belts are anything like their w-space brothers, then thats a lot of time mining ores worse then scordite and refining at worse then 100%, for the little time you get mining ABC, which soon will be worth less then scordite anyway.

    I envision that the majority of null sec systems will be improved for ratting and plexing and major alliances might save one or two systems for major indy improvement.