Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Settling in to a New Routine

For the first time we are strictly concerned with our own w-space system.  This has drasticially changed our daily routine.

Now instead of being ready for whatever presents itself, we are 100% in mining mode.  We have the luxury of knowing what we are going to be doing every day.

As Pinky always asked Brain "Whats we gonna do today?", the answer now is empahitcally "Same thing we do every night, mine the crap outta ABC roids".

So a few new additions.  We have our first XL Ship Assembly Array.  The 18M m3 of storage is insane. Good thing too, because the first 36 hours in our new home we pulled in almost 2M m3 of ABC.  Not bad for a small 3 person corp.

So overall this seems just what the doctor ordered for us. 
  • A wealth of ABC,
  • a static high sec to refine it at 100%,
  • a static high sec to allow us to get some new recruits quickly seeing the best of low class w-space living,  
  • and did I mention a crap load of ABC roids.

So the new routine at night is to open/close the static high sec B274 and get 4 orca loads of ore out to be refined.  Last night repeated this twice.  Took a little over 1 hour (the first system did not have a station).  The logic here is the orca is a perfect 250Mkg so as long as the wormhole ticks over to "has had" on the mass on the 4th pass, and to "critical" on 7th pass its a real easy task to close the hole.  If not, then we run a few hulks/covetors out after the 7th pass to critical the hole before flying the Orca back through.

After that the task all mining.  At this point we have cleared 1 of the 8 sites of the ABC, D & G ores.  We are working through two sites now.  The Isolated site, with its annoying electric cloud, is being mined by the two hulks we have in system (forgot one in the move), while the annoying spread out Average site we are hitting with Covetors and Retreivers.  It is our goal to clear a site a day atleast.  On the last night we plan of mass running the 16 Ladar sites for the corp.  After reading Star Defender's post on reactions, I am not sure if we will just sell the gas or react it.  Might just sell to avoind the task of trying to get it back into our main system.

So here is to wishing for a continued quiet week of mining and running ore to refineries.

Fly Safe,

p.s. Was very nice to log into our main system and get the "not yet loaded" message.


  1. I love getting the not loaded message. All is quiet...

    FYI Link broken Mick.

  2. It is the best.

    Also link fixed, thanks for heads up.