Friday, February 5, 2010

Who Left the Door Open?

Unfortunetly, I did.

With our main crew in our new mining home and the main home sitting dormant (having run all the reaction material on hand), I decided to make a run to our main wormhole with as much reaction material as I could easily carry.

I online one of the three scanning alts holding down the fort in our main system, find the A239 Static pop out 26 jumps from Jita (I am learning that Low Sec holes seldom come out near Jita). So I loaded up the truck and moved about 86 hours worth of simple reaction materials the 26 jumps and off loaded the materials in the reaction hanger.

Get the hauler back to Sobaseki, while I switch over to the mains to mine some more ABC's.

Well I logged on last night to this.


NPC Kills

Yes kids, that the problem leaving the door open.

The number of NPC Kills clearly shows a mass running of anoms or mag/radar sites.

The concern is the jumps and possibility our Grav sites got hit.

So much for resting our main hole.

Good news is that the our mining hole spawned a new Grav site and we are barely half way through the initial 8.  So our initial 7 to 10 day time frame may have been a bit aggressive.  Add in the desire to at least hit some of the Ladar sites "for the corp" and we may be gone a bit longer the expected.

As I sign off now, the Large POS is churning away on it 86 hours of simple reaction, we are opening our 5th grav site in our vacation hole, and I have yet another lesson in wormhole management (not that I didn't know leaving K162's active will lead to this).

Fly Safe,


  1. Sorry, obviously got the graphs mixed up. NPC Kills on top and Jumps on bottom.


  2. I'm confused Mick - I thought you had come out of the WH to take a bit of a break? ;)

  3. Nope, that would be Star Defender. We are still crushing ABC D & G in our vacation spot.

    Mick (who is not Star Defender)