Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Pull of PI

Well, I kinda laughed at the initial idea of Planetary Interaction.

It looked kinda, well, stupid.  Seemed like Farmville meets Eve.  A bunch of clicking, moving stuff, and limited rewards.  Yet another thing for people to do that don't want to learn PVP.  Another dream of passive income that would end up taking way to much time to justify the end result (gee, I can save $14 a month by spending 30 hours a month messing with this passive income stream).

So I did not mess with it on Sisi, I did not rush to train the skills, and I didn't even start paying attention till it was out a few weeks and I started to get word of some serious potential profits.

So I started to scan around in High Sec to see what I could find.  Short answer was nothing good.  No "hot spots" for sure.

For those of you who have followed this blog for awhile will remember, I left scanning alts in at least 3 different WH's.  So I decided to log them on and see what planet mixes they had.  The two C2 were both a no go as one was occupied and the other had a bunch of Barren, Gas, and 1 Oceanic.

However, the C4 was a very pleasant find.  First it had a C2 static so I am never far from a Empire route. Next it had 3 Temperate, 2 Lava and a Gas.  All of the three types with "unique" resources.  Even better, they all had 80%+ "hot spots" for those resources.

For those of you not yet fluid in PI, there are 15 "Planetary Resources" and 3 of them can only be found on a single planet type.  These are Reactive Gases on Gas Planets, Felsic Magma on Lava  Planets, and Autotrophs on Temperate Planets.

Now the engineer in me kicked in and I started to look at what I could make.  Then the Salesman in me started to look at what I could make.  Then the PVP'r in me started to think about what i could get blown up with all the Isk I was going to make.

Here is what I have found.  The three resources I will be swimming in (could hurt swimming in Magma) combine to make 3 P2 Level Products. These are RG+FM= Silicate Glass, RM+AUTO= Polyramids, and FM+AUTO=Microfiber Shielding.

Now, looking further, those 3 P2 products represent half of the P2 products needed for BOTH Broadcast Nodes and Self Harmonizing Power Cores.

A plan was evident.

So off went the initial toon into the C4 to play with PI.  Unfortunately, he forgot a cloak.  Guess what?  PI takes a lot of time "messing" with stuff and in non Empire areas, a cloak is invaluable.

Fortunately,  I got a few days of playing and transferring stuff around, before Alpha Dog ended my fun.

So at this point I have 4 planets setup, 2 scanning toons left in the hole, and 4 more scanning/PI toons training.

The goal now is to get a POS into the C4, along with the 4 scanning/PI toons and start to harvest and process as much of the Broadcast Node and SHPC parts I can inside the hole.

From there, I plan to setup my trader toon near Jita on enough planets to finish off the BN's and SHPC's.

As I work to setup my planets, I will try to get some pictures on my basic setups and thoughts on PI.  The overall goal of the setups is to try to balance the time between transfers of materials between planets. The goal is once a week.  That way the daily activity will be setting extractors, and once a week I will need to spend a few hours shuttling products between planets and toons.

At the end of August I promise to report if my projections of Isk are anywhere close to what I actually make.

Fly Safe,


  1. Well done Mick. Good post. Looking forward to hearing more...

  2. Curse you and your lava planets too! >.>