Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back in W-Space ... Finally

Well, it took longer then I expected.

And it was for a totally different reason then I expected.

But I am back in W-space, with most of my toons.

Yes my two main toons are still bumping around Provi, killing the crap out of Sansha and Sleepers when available.  They are still taking baby steps into PVP also.  Overall I am happy with where they were at.

My two indy/trading toons meanwhile were sitting around collecting dust and training for things that might make them slightly more useful.  I was just about ready to bite the bullet and setup a high sec POS to start invention again (though I dreaded the time sink a high sec POS was and the time sink invention was) to justify these two toons.

Then my C4 discovery. 

So now I have 4 new sub-toons (my term for the 2 extra toons on each account) that are able to fly a cloaky bestower, probe ridiculously bad, and run 5 planets with Advanced Command Centers (total training time with 2 remaps and 100% bonus was about 5-6 days).  So now I have a Large POS setup, Defenses installed (I am sick of 2m30s to anchor and 2m30s to online messages), the hole bottomed out (thanks to warp cancels) and 4 toons ready to use Advanced Command Centers tonight. 

So once again, I am living the dream of no local, living in a POS, managing WH exits, as well as worrying about the logistics of w-space refueling and market runs. 

Still on the to-do list is getting my drake capable PVE toon into the hole to clear smaller ladar and grav sites when they spawn.  As well as having at least one toon capable of putting up a fight.

So with renewed interest in W-Space and its PI impact, I look forward to a much different blog scope in the next few weeks to a month. 

It is my hope to discuss my total setup in the next few days.

Fly Safe,

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