Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Short Vacation

It is Summer and the time has come to train a few long skills and take a vacation.

Now for "work" I still take my laptop so I am able to tell a short tale.

As we try to do every few years, we headed the 600 miles to the ocean and the beach.  Now I am not as, shall we say .... thin, as i used to be.

So the second day I am down at the beach and the surf is pretty pounding as there is a storm offshore really kicking up the waves.  So as i grew tired of fighting the waves and saw my kids hard at work building stuff in the sand I decided to join them.

So I stumbled ashore and flopped down next to my kids and started to claw at the sand in an effort to help them gather some sand for their walls and structures.

Now let me tell you it was a pretty hot day.  Had to be pushing 95F and the sun was really beating down hard.  I really started to sweat and considered returning to the sea, but just then a group of people came along and started to pour water over me.  I didn't recall this level of service in reading the timeshares website, but it was appreciated.  So I continued to dig up sand for my kids.

Now along came another group and started really soaking me with some hoses.  Seemed a bit extreme.  I looked around too and didn't see any others receiving this special treatment.

I did get worried when they started to try to tie ropes to my legs and a boat showed up.  At this point I got up and started to ask a few questions.  Needless to say the people gathered where a bit shocked at my sudden mobility, and I was a bit embarrased when I saw they were all from the local marine biology college's marine rescue program.

Guess maybe it really is time to consider that diet when this vacation is over.


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