Monday, September 26, 2011

I feel like the Godfather

I would think that after almost 3 years of game time that nothing in EVE would shock me anymore.

So I am tooling around in a Low Sec area near our "home" with some of my new corp members.  We are doing a little exploration, d-scan, and stealth training.  The basics of finding your way around a w-space system without them know you are there and what not. So after too many empty and inactive wormholes, we finally decided to call it quits for the night.

As we are warping our merry little gang through the 7-8 jumps home, I see that during the course of the outing someone has been trying to get my attention in my public channel, but has since left.  A quick look shows the guy is still online so I open up a private chat.

"Sorry was on an op, did you need something?" I ask ever so politely (starting with "WTF you want" usually does not lead to productive conversations)
"Yeah, I saw you guys come through my system." He replied

Well, he had my attention as I thought he was going to challenge our right to scan there or something.

"I am looking for friends." he followed up.
"Where did you loss them?" I asked. (Man aren't I witty)
"No I need better blues down here, you guys looked like you had a nice force.  You live in this area?" said Lonely Guy. 
"Not really." I lied
"That's too bad.  The pirate group I was paying to put a POS here decided to blow me up today." 
I had to stifle a laugh.  Who the hell in their right mind trusts a pirate corp.
"Wow that sucks" I manage to reply.
"Yeah I was looking to exchange blue status for my POS password for a safe spot in one of these systems." continued Lonely Guy 
Really. a safe spot?  There are no bubbles in Low, and a ton of stations, who the hell needs a POS for a safe spot?
"Well we really just use stations, we don't use POS's."
"What about me hiring you as protection? I really want to do PI, but not if people keep killing my POS."
OMG, the guy thinks he needs a POS for Low Sec PI.
"Well we really just protect our space we consider home, don't really take on protection jobs farther away" 
"I could move to where you are." 
"We would not want to protect a POS" man does he not get it.
"I could join your alliance"
"We don't take 100% indy corps, do you PvP?" I asked, knowing the answer
"And get blown up all the time, no thanks" replied Lonely Guy "I just want protection."
"Sorry can't help you there"
"Well thanks for you time" finished Lonely Guy and promptly closed the channel.

Wow, people coming to me for protection from bad old pirates.  That's something new.

Fly Safe,


  1. shouldve asked for a downpayment on the protection fund. couldve been easy isk on your part.

  2. Yeah, but that's not the way I roll.