Friday, September 16, 2011

Prince said "Forever and that's a mighty long time"

But I'm here to tell ya, he wasn't dealing with CHON.

So as you probably know from this I had an unwanted, uninvited and frankly undesirable visitor to my w-space retreat.

It was quite fun after the initial "Rawr, we are leet Pvp alliance, Pack up your flying circus and leave" banter to finally get around to killing their POS's.  But alas, they did not take the first hint, and with 6-8 people doing PI, there was more than enough profit to justify erecting a Large POS in my wormhole every time a hole popped out near a trade hub.

So my guests thought it would be great fun to erect a third POS, and to go with all ECM and Harden the crap out of it.  Well all that meant is their 4-6 hours of anchoring and online'n stuff would have to be met with 4-6 hours of throwing ammo out of our BS fleet.  (and at least two hours of listening to Pleco complain that "every damned ECM is jamming me", "how the hell can they all jam me" and "I swear even the incapp'd ones are still jamming me")

Sure enough in the final stages of the POS bash the scanner for the invaders logs in and warps to the POS.  So we start a nice convo in local that basically goes a little something like this.

Valiant Defender (that's me): "Didn't get the first sign this is our system?"
Leet PVP or PI or Whatever (That's them): "Have fun shooting the POS for 6 hours again"
VD (hmm maybe I should have chosen a better name for myself): "We will."
LPVP/PI: "Good cause I am staying here Forever"
VD's Fleetmate: "Sounds like we all win here"
VD: "We are just waiting for the leet PVP portion of your Alliance to come"
LPVP/PI: "Oh its just me, this is a personal thing."
VD: "Damn, that's too bad, we were looking for more fun"
VD: "BTW, offer still stands to sell you the hole if you like it that much"
LPVP/PI: "Why do you think this is about money? Even if you leave we will follow you where ever you go"
VD: "Well it sure can't be about KB for you, I mean over a Bil in POS losses now for you."
LPVP/PI: "You just don't get it do you, I am not going anywhere"
LPVP/PI: "End of Conversation, have fun killing an empty POS"
VD's Fleetmate: "Next time set up a faction tower please."

So sure enough the POS goes pop, and its time to decide what the heck to do to stop this madness.  There is not anyway to kill the PI that is already on the planet, I hate to invest in more BS's and Cap ships to kill their poorly defended and heavily hardened POS's, and I sure the hell was not leaving.

Now one of the things I never check when evaluating systems is the number of moons.  Never been important, and frankly never cared.  Well I guess I got lucky, cause my wormhole home has less than 20 moons. 

So step one was to prevent them from easily anchoring another POS.  If it was indeed just one person with 5 PI accounts and no more DPS than a couple Drakes, the easiest way to accomplish that would be anchoring a tower at every moon.  And with less than 20 to cover it would cost less then building a Dread in a C1 (and would not be a total loss in the fact that it would never get out).

In addition, I decided to make it as time consuming and as much of a hassel to do the PI from safes and get it out of the system.  I figured a Large Bubble on every WH would do the trick.

So after a few days, I had every planet covered, and was happily bubbling all the holes as I found them.

Being on the other side of the world from them, and the fact that they really only needed to run stuff every 3-4 days at most, it was going to be hard to directly interfere with them.  

Well it seems they solved the large bubble by having all the ships slowboat to the wormhole then jump enough times to mass close it and then use the fresh hole to run stuff out.  Figuring I never was on when they were this worked fine for them.

So on to plan B.  I decided to bubble the crap out of the main Customs Offices they were using.  Let them slowboat 80km (40 in and 40 out) each time they needed to get something from a hanger.  And I had the option of offlining them when I needed to use the Office.  

Finally, about 2 weeks after the last POS bash, I logged in during their peak time to find 5 of his characters active.  So I jumped in the SB and immediately started checking the WH, Custom's offices, and pounding D-scan.  Nothing, no sign of anybody.  I know all his ships have cloaks, so I threw Combat Probes and waited for one to logoff, so I could try to catch it during the 1 minute or so it hangs in system.

Sure enough after about 10 minutes one of the toons goes offline and .... nothing.  Nothing on D-Scan, nothing on probes.  I expand the probes to cover any deep safes, and still nothing.  This repeats for another character 5 minutes later.

So I quickly open Planet 1, lo and behold, the Command Centers from our guests are gone.  Planet 2 same. Could it really be?

I log on my character in k-space and quickly find a locator agent.  Search for first character.  Find another agent 4 jumps away and search for second.  Get a random in local to run a third search.  Just in time as soon the last three character's log off.  Again, nothing on D-Scan or probes.

About 8-10 minutes later my suspicions are confirmed as all three location agents return HS locations for my visitors.

So thus ends the saga and one of the most interesting months in w-space that I have had.

Final tally
3 dead POS for them, as well as a new found lack of respect for their "leetness"
Almost 20 new small towers, and about a Dozen new BS's in the hole for me, as well as a shit ton of ammo.

So I probably spent twice as much defending the hole than they spent attacking it, but I am apparently alone again, despite the assurance from my new friends that I would never be alone again. 

As an alliance mate said "Maybe he meant fortnight, and he would follow your corps Killboard".

Who knows, maybe.  But I am kind of sad, I was looking forward to coming up with new ways to harass them.

Fly Safe,


  1. Poor plec. The guy gets the worst luck. All the ECM picked on him and after a half day of valiant effort the poor guy didn't get on a single killmail, even though he fired at them all. Poor guy... Selfless sacrifice for his alliance, he deserves a medal or something lol

  2. Good job getting rid of that guy.
    I know you had to take it to the extreme covering every single moon but it worked.
    Enjoying your blog and looking forward to more wormhole exploits.
    Fly it like you stole it.

  3. Covering every moon with a POS and bubbling stuff was natural response when the only firepower we had seen in almost 2 weeks was 2 drakes. I actually did lose one T2 Large Bubble to someone coming in to run a couple of radar sites. No idea how long it toon his single Cane to kill the bubble, but he ran a radar site, didnt hack the cans and never salvaged the wrecks. I was like WHA? but whatever he wants to do with his $15 a month works for me.

    Fly Safe,