Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New World PI Prices

Wow, the whine off the forums of HS carebears is piercing.

"PI is no longer viable"

"Taxes are making PI worthless"

"I have a Burr in my fur and no scissors"

"I cant afford my mani/pedi at these profit levels"

So this morning I played a little hookie form work and looked at the numbers for me.

These are based on Worm hole tax rate of 17%.  Lower the doom and gloom by 40% for high sec.

P1 to P3 planet - Import 4 products, 25k each, and export about 930 P3
Tax Increase - 15-16M per run of 930 P3 or about 16k per P3 unit
Ouch, better cancel my massage too.

Really?  That will represent about a 25% increase in the price I need to charge, and guess what, the market has already moved more than that.

Extraction Planet - Raw material to P1
Tax Increase - 84 Isk per unit  (1 Isk to 85 Isk)
So my good s might move from 525 -550 to 600-650 range to compensate

Combine the two factors and P3 goods need to rise 25K per unit to keep my profits the same PAYING the 17% tax.

Well, in the end, after I figure out the best way to destroy 11 Customs Offices, I am going to be pocketing that increase.

Sure, some asshat will inevitably look at his extraction as "free" and the real increase in price will eventually settle around the HS increase of 10% and maybe P3 products will rise from 50k average to 65k.  All good, I make more.

Carebears will eventually figure out how to pass the increase on to other Carebears and the world will rebalance.

The interesting thing will still be Low Sec and the impact of limiting Ninja PI.

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