Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New PI trades

I see some new trades coming out of the PI changes.

1) Mercs for hire to small WH corps incapable of destroying the Interbus CO's by themselves

2) Mercs for hire to rep WH and Low Sec POCO's in trouble

3) Pirate gangs ransoming WH and Low Sec POCO/PI access.

The first is probably the most interesting in the short term.

With almost 16M effective HP and a recharge rate of about 200HP/sec it is going to be near impossible for the small corp to take out multiple Interbus CO's in short order.  The chance to kill these Carebears as the semi AFK pound these structures should add lots of possible targets to C4 and under systems.

More Caps will be build in WH space to accomplish this possibly.

Man would it be a great time for a group of SB pilots to hire themselves out to help destroy these CO's.  ANd man would it be a great time for these corps to leave behind a few alts to wreck havoc on these WH Carebears for months to come.

Could be a very interesting dynamic.

The second service is already done for POS, but its a natural extension to more vulnerable targets.

The last is just an extension of asset denial to another soft underbelly of industry.

Oh the fun that might soon come to a WH near you due to PI changes.

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  1. I’ll get the really bad news out of the way first. Like many MMOs, EVE Online seems to have shipped a few months too early. The game is loaded with bugs, server issues and some customer service nightmares. I know that the dev team is currently working to resolve them. In fact, a number of serious issues that existed when I started playing have since been fixed. As of this writing, though, players should be aware that they will probably face quite a few technical issues.

    One of the most serious is a nasty crash bug that causes player’s characters to get “stuck” during transitions. This might cause the character to disappear into the electronic ether, along with all the hard work that went into it (although this hasn’t happened yet). Currently there is no guarantee that CCP will actually be able to rescue them, so caveat emptor. There are also features that were promised that are not yet implemented. These include “Boosters” (basically drugs) that were to make up a large portion of the game’s illicit economy and the in-game web browser that should let you look at player corporation Web sites