Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ship Poor

They say when you buy a new house and you overspend you are "House Poor".

I guess the EVE Equivalent is when you buy too many ships you are "Ship Poor".

For the first time in a long time I feel poor.  In the last month I have bought a slick Incursion ride (and yet to fly it), I bought my first Carrier and fittings (man those fighters and capital fittings are huge), as well as my mini Jump Freighter (Rorq with cargo rigs).

Sure I "needed" each of these ships, but I think it is more the case of having too much liquid ISK and a desire to "have" things way more than the desire to have a fat wallet.

So now, an opportunity has popped up to acquire an asset that I have been looking for the last few months.  A nice C2 with a Static C2 and Low Sec, perfect PI, and a capital already inside.  The price is right, and the owner is motivated.  But I am lacking the liquid ISK.

It is probably for the better, because if I did, I would be looking at several weeks to move my operations from my C1 to the C2.  All for a "better" situation with statics.

So being Ship Poor and "missing" this opportunity has lead me to reevaluate what my goals really are for the near future in EVE.  The goals of a C2 stem from my goals to build another W-Space corp that would be focused on PVP, mining and PVE within the C2 and Low Sec.  But that is no longer the direction I am headed.  The near future for me is now looking to be in NPC Null.

It is always funny to me how quickly life in EVE can change, based on a few decisions here and there.  The decision to look for people to help mine the C1 leads to moving a combat character to Low Sec.  This leads to some of the most fun in PVP I have had.  Now this group is trying its hand in NPC Null.

As always seems to be the case, I like to be involved in the corps and alliances I have fun in.  So fast forward just a few short months from looking for miners to help with Grav sites in my C1 and almost all of my game time is now dedicated to life in NPC Null.  Not something I planned, but something I have enjoyed.

So I will pass on the "dream starter wormhole" and let that dream settle onto a back burner while I now focus on learning more about Cyno Alts, Logistics in Null Sec, and debating the merits of Blackbirds versus Falcons in small scale Null Sec PVP.

Fly Safe,

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