Monday, December 5, 2011

PI Changes - The Week After

Wow, what a week it has been.

Carebears all over New Eden were somehow taken by surprise with the raising of taxes on PI goods.

Tears flowed as thousands shut the doors on their High Sec PI, lacking even the most basic business sense to pass the increased costs onto their buyers.

On the other end of the spectrum, thousands rushed to get their Gantry BPC's to build their own CO's (or being too lazy to do that, simply bought the early ones at 50-70% over cost in Jita).

Small corps in W-Space cried for DPS and had none (or not enough to chew through the Interbus CO's in a timely manner).

Overall it has been an exciting week of price speculation, price gouging and thrilling tear watching.

Now at the end of that week, 2 of the 3 P3 materials I make have returned to being profitable, even with the 17% Interbus CO Tax.

Gantry supply has stabilized the price of the unit in Jita at a still very profitable level for those making them.

And the payback on installing a CO is far easier to figure.

I wanted to look at the two planet types we run for payback on the PCO

The first is the P1 to P3 planet. It takes 1,280 units of P1 and turns it into 12 units of P3 every hour.

Taxes are 1280 * 500 * 17% *.5 for import, and 12 * 70,000 * 17% for export per hour.

That is almost 200k isk per hour in taxes, or right around 5M per day.

PCO costs about 100M to build and upgrade (yes I know they are selling for 113M in Jita for the Gantry Only).

So I can justify installing a PCO on my 6 Factory Planets in 20 days, assuming I can recoup the full 17% tax at point of sale.

Okay, let's say I can't recoup the whole 17%, but rather just the 10% of High Sec.  That would lower my "savings" to about 3M per day.  Still a healthy 33 day ROI.  I am fairly certain my PCO's are not going to get popped every 30 days.

My second type of planet is an extraction planet with 8 factories.  At full load they produce 320 P1 every hour for a tax of about $27k, or about 650k per day.  Wow, ROI on that is not going to be as pretty.  Good thing I have multiple extraction centers per planet.  At three on a planet though I am still looking at 50-60 day ROI.  Not great, but not bad.

So looking at my totals.

I have 11 planets.  The best case for a POC has 1 Factory and 9 Extraction centers.  At full production would cost my corp over 10M isk a day.  ROI for a PCO is under 10 days.  Not bad.

Worst case has 3 Extraction Centers.  At full production will generate a measly 1.8M Isk a day in taxes.  ROI would be 55 days.  Not great, but still don't see my PCO's going pop every 55 days.

So that is my story of PI and the PCO.  If it helps you figure out your ROI than great.  If it makes you want to find me and shave a big Z in my carebear fur, then that is great too.

Either way,
Fly Safe,

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