Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Always Good to Know the Situation

As part of our move to The Great Wildlands, one of the things we hoped to accomplish was gaining some passive income for the new Alliance to help fund some programs.  This meant liberating some moons from people far less deserving of them than we are, at least in our minds.

One of the dangers of NPC Null is that typically it is surrounded by Sov Null, and these days it seems people in Sov Null are very very very very bored.

So after we took one of these moons from a far less deserving corp, we got a visit from a larger entity that politely tested our ability to set Stront Timers.  Fortunately for us, they did not make me manage the Stront and it was properly timed for us to defend and/or rep.

So off we went in our 25-30 man POS rep'n gang and with the anticipated zero resistance, we set about rep'n the tower with like 15 Scimi's.  Needless to say, repping a tower is only slightly less fun than killing a tower, so comms quickly deteriorated into a discussion of our favorite Gif's, YouTube clips and other assorted garbage that usually fills structure shoots, structure repairs and sitting on squirrels.

About 90% of the way through the operation scouts reported a small 5 to 10 man T1 cruiser gang roaming the area.  We all thought "no way they jump into a system with 20-25 people", but as seems the case more often than not "always bet on stupid".

So sure enough their scout jumps in and the FC sends a couple of bait ships to the gate to see if their main fleet will jump through and engage.  Seems the PvP Gods were on our side that night, as sure enough a small group does jump through and engages the bait on the gate.

So in warps 15 Scimi and the rest of the DPS ships.  Needless to say the cruisers ran for the hills and sadly I think most escaped since we really were not set up for a gate fight.  But we did kill three and got a good message on EVE-Kill from one of the pilots.

To be fair, they did manage to kill our two bait thrashers on the gate since it was a long jump.

I guess the morale of the story is don't jump into system with a group doing a POS rep and not expect 15 Scimi to show up.

Fly Safe,

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