Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Theft, Deceit and Scamming - An EvE Subculture

One of the many things I love about EvE is the total allowance of the "dark side" of people and human interaction.  You are allowed, and even encouraged in some cases, to do bad things to people and their stuff.

In no other game I have ever played is as much time and effort spent to make sure people are not going to screw you over.

I have always said every person has "their price", the point at which the Isk sitting in front of them to snatch overcomes their reluctance to be seen as a bad person.

For most of us, EvE is an anonymous game.  I could pass guys on the street that I have played the game with for years and not realize it.  In an instance we can create a new pilot and assume a completely separate identity.  Corps and Alliances spend massive time on trying to get spies into enemy corps for intel, while at the same time trying to prevent spies into theirs.  Some corps/alliances are good at keeping spies out, and some suck ass (yeah I'm pointing at you Space Monkeys and FA).

I have noticed that over time, as I have more Isk of my own, and longer term relationships with my corp, that my own thoughts on the matter have changed a little.

When I first joined EvE, a Fraternity Brother of mine got me into the game and we joined a new Mining Corp based in Ruvas.  I wanted to be a trader.  I thought that would be so cool.  I had no idea how I was ever going to be able to afford the Daytrading Skill Book.  It seemed nearly impossible to make that much Isk, and then to spend it on one skill.  I mean 12.5M Isk, who the hell could afford that?

One day I noticed a specific trade that was way out of balance between the ass end of High Sec and Jita.  I figured the numbers and I could make about 30M for a 100M investment.  And it was ONLY 24 jumps, one way.  Of course I had nowhere near that kind of Isk, and I said as much in Corp Chat.  At some point, one of the senior members said he would fund the project for half the profit.  I was amazed someone would risk 100m of their Isk on someone they hardly knew (I had been in corp about 3 weeks).  So I took his offer, was amazed when he sent the Isk to my wallet, sweated bullets every jump back to Jita, scared to death someone was going to gank my 100M Isk haul.  Eventually I sent the 100M back (after thinking long and hard about just stealing it) and I became better friends with the guy.  It didn't take long for me to realize the 100M really was nothing to a guy that had been in EvE for over a year.  But it was my first "test".

Since then I have been a spy, Awoxer, and even a thief.  I have also been taken advantage of, and tricked.

When I had finally made my first Billions by becoming a ratting fiend in a Golem, I eventually sold the character to finance another project (those that know me know I am a "shiny quarter" kind of player, always onto a new project).  After I sold the pilot, I needed some Isk and decided to sell the Golem, but I could not get the fittings off without scrapping the rigs, so I traded it to an ex corp mate I trusted to take off the modules for me.  Bad move and Goodbye Golem and about 2.5B.  Guess our "friendship" was really not worth that much to him.

Later, towards the end of my Capital Component BPO research endeavor, the same Fraternity Brother I that had gotten me into the game got me to invest some of my BPO in one of his corpmates "businesses" making Cap BPC Packs.  Turns out my Fraternity Brother was AFK and had given control of his pilots to one of his corpmates who did an excellent job pretending to be him.  Bye bye about 8B in BPO's.

But the story I really want to tell now that I can, is the story of my heist.  And I will do that in another post soon(tm).

Fly Safe, and Trust No One.

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