Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Market Manipulation - Goon Style

Having been in the CFC for almost 18 months, I left with one overwhelming feeling towards the Goons.  And that is that they understand the meta game better than just about anyone else.  It is sick.

One of the major areas I always felt that they kinda "used" the CFC was in their market manipulations.  I cannot believe they did not use their power to get 30k minions to do stuff at the drop of a hat to their personal gains.

I saw again and again the same situation play out and each time I thought "those geniuses in Goons just made another Trillion Isk".

It pretty simple really.

Let's just look at one example recently - Ice Belt Changes.

So while monitoring Sisi the Goons realize that there is a change to Ice Belts.  They announce in their super secret rooms to "start buying Ice products".  I am sure they already have some stocks and they start adding to them.

Soon there is a Jabber Ping "Hey Guys, Ice Belts are changing in the next patch, buy buy buy." and the word spreads like wildfire, every CFC alliance Forum is filled with threads suggesting how much the guys in alliance are buying and how much they stand to make by the "Goon's Predictions".

Price in all the major hubs skyrocket as supplies are quickly snatched up by 30k minions of the CFC.

Soon the Dev Blog comes out with the reality of the changes.

Prices slowly return to normal levels.  I think the Goons laugh their asses off as they sold their supply to their 30k minions and everyone of their friends they told.  And in the end 30k minions are now sitting on a shit ton of isotopes wondering when they are going to hit 2k and they can double their Isk (while in reality the price is going to stay at 600 and they lost 40%).

It just happened "again" with the latest Ice Interdiction announcement.  Caldari Isotopes and FB went up 40% in hours and slowly over three days went back to about what they were before.  And that was just the announcement, they haven't even undocked a ship to kill Ice Miners yet.

It is pure genius.

And still the minions hang on every word from the goons on what to buy next.

Damn they are good.

Fly Safe,

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