Friday, August 12, 2011

The complexity of "Blue"

I am color blind in real life and have trouble distinguishing shades of greens and yellows and blues, but that has nothing to due with the topic of this post.  This post is about the complexity of the political arrangements in EVE.

EVE is a great sandbox that can change on almost a daily basis.  Null Sec is ruled by Alliances, Power Blocs, Vassels, Renters and a endless stream of players into and out of corporations and alliances.

Add to that the fact that some corps and alliances are "for hire" and really only serve whoever is paying this moment.

These relationships and dynamics bleed over into Low and High sec, but not to the same overwhelming level it does in Null, where Sov issues dominate almost every aspect of the game.

Add another level of complexity when most people are really 3-4 (or more) people in the game.

There is then also the idea of anonymity in the game, and the fact that people will do things and say things to others that they probably never would face-to-face.

It gets to the point that more time is spent figuring out who you can shoot and shouldn't shoot, than the time you actually shoot.

Nothing is worse than spending 30 minutes rallying a group for a CTA or Roam, jumping 15 jumps to the designated rally spot, only to jump through and get annilihated because the CTA called by Alliance A that you are Blue to invited Alliance B that you are not Blue to and they just saw a "local spike of neuts".  Add this to the fact that Comms are usually divided, and its a mess.

Worse yet is when you spend 15 minutes chasing neuts, only to have the FC break off the chase because "the CEO has an Alt in a corp that is Blue to these guys and he said don't shoot them".

And like women, the minute you think you understand all the rules, they change.

It is a fact of EVE life that the friend of my friend is not always my friend, and the enemy of my enemy is still probably not my friend either.

Good luck figuring out where you fit in "Sea of Blues", and I hope your CEO does not have too many alts floating around.

Fly Safe,

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