Friday, August 5, 2011

News from Great White North Exploration

Well its been a long time since I have updated everyone on my exploits, but since they have involved a couple of stretches in boring w-space corps, null sec, and other non-wormhole things, I have not had much exciting to relate to Wormhole Living.

Well that has changed.

So here's some updates.

First I have sold and bought several characters and my crew has significantly changed.  Hundo is still my oldest character and is back as CEO of my W-Space corp, Great White North Exploration.  My other characters now encompass an almost Rorq pilot, an almost Carrier pilot, and too many PI alts to talk about.

Great White North Exploration has also joined the alliance Gryphon League.  In my desire to return to running my "own show", I set out to find an alliance that could help me offer a wide range of stuff to people I recruited.  Gryphon League represented a nice balance of Low Sec operations in a Low Sec pipe they call home and High Sec operations as well.  I hope to add a little W-space flavor to their alliance.

So that brings me to the shameless plug.

Great White North Exploration is recruiting.  Unlike when I founded GWNE, when w-space was a vast unknown, and people like Star Defender were leading us into the unknown and educating us in the ways of the wormhole, w-space is now much more of a known.  Staticmapper, Dotlan, and other tools have taken a lot of the mystery out of W-space.  Wormholes are bought and sold at an alarming rate on the forums. And PI has once again made W-space living a very profitable venture.

So with that in mind, I look to grow GWNE into a more well rounded corporation, with a focus now on being a little of everything to everyone.  As part of the Gryphon League I am able to offer recruits a chance to experience a lot of the aspects of EVE, while still maintaining a foothold in W-Space.  I decided not to be exclusively W-Space, since I am not sure it offers a long term living environment to sustain a healthy corp.  And really I have little desire to babysit a bunch of people in a wormhole anymore (having done that for several corps).

So check out our recruitment thread and our public channel.

Fly Safe,
Mick Flaherty 

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