Thursday, August 11, 2011

What are they teaching kids these days

Last night we were rallying on a low sec gate for a roam, cause why sit in station when you can camp a gate while you wait for the inevitable last 3-4 people to get their crap together 30 minutes after the "start time".

So we setup the camp, put a cloaky scout in High Sec, and wait for Billy Bob and Joe Bob to track down some lost module in the bottom of their CQ's closet they need for the roam.

About 5 minutes into the gate camp, 2 Hurricanes appear on the High Sec side, sit for about 2 minutes, and then warp off.  Disappointment, guess their Spidey Senses were tingling.

A few minutes later a pod and Myrm warp to the gate together, and jump right through.  The pod warps right away, because we don't have any ubber locking pod catcher on the gate.  The Myrm holds cloak, obviously aware that his chances of survival jumping into a 10 man gate camp are near zero.

Finally the Myrm uncloaks and runs for the gate.  Not a chance.  He is popped quickly (too quickly) and warps off in his pod.  A review of his setup reveals that he was headed in to low sec to do some exploring.

Now the chance that these two guys were unrelated, and just happened to show up and jump at the same time is possible, but unlikely.  This begs the question of what the heck corps are teaching people these days.

Why would you jump a massively undertanked battle cruiser into Low Sec, when you have a potential scout with you.  The Myrm would be alive if the pod simply warped in ahead of him, since there is little chance you are going to catch a pod coming off a gate, and relayed the information back to the Myrm pilot.

Even if they were not related, the Myrm pilot could have docked in High Sec, gotten into a shuttle or pod, and warped into Low Sec to check things out.  Sure its not 100% safe, the gate camp can assemble in the 3-4 minutes it would take to reship, but its a heck of a lot safer then a blind jump.

I guess the old PVP adage of "bet on stupid" still applies.  Guess most corps do not do much to teach their players the "ways of EVE" and how best to stay alive.

Fly Safe,


  1. Unfortunately YES bet on stupid. I am still in disbelief when an alliance or corp member is out ratting or mining in low or null sec with pirate neutrals in the system.
    "What are you doing?" I ask. "There are neutrals in system looking for a quick kill".

    They respond "I think I can handle Oh cra..." and a minute later I pick up their corpse on Dscan. Sigh.

    On the flip side; the other day another alliance member mentioned he wanted to run some sleeper sites in a C3 but the only shield ship he had that could handle it was a Rattlesnake and there was no way he was going to take it in there.
    It was so refreshing to hear someone say something like that. I wanted to say "You're already way ahead of the pack, bro". :)

  2. I love the PVE jockies, tanked for mission rats, with huge holes in their resists that think they are ubber because "I can tank a Level 4 with 15 rat BS's pounding me, I can take a few pirates".

    OOOOHHHH Reeeealllly? I think not.

    For many their Isk way exceeds their brains.