Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Ops

Well after a few nights of scanning systems and feeling like a total noob again, I added even more angst to discuss with my therapist next session (yeah doc, its a space based MMPOG, and I feel, yeah space based, and I feel, yeah kinda like WOW but way better, and anyway, what, oh, and I joined this new corp, sure I could send you an invite, what our hour is up? okay guess I'll see ya next week).

So lets start by saying that scanning skills are not the only thing I am "lacking".  I already knew the ship of choice is T3 (and who doesn't prefer T3 in W-Space, duh), but I didn't expect the total BS disdain that greeted my undocking of the Abby.  I guess the one (and most say only) use of an Abby is mass limiting an WH for closer by bigger ships.

Well begrudgingly they allowed me to come on the Ladar Clearing OP, but only because the WH's had not been effected yet by mass and no larger Ops were planned.  So with excitement coursing through my veins (and maybe some fermented sugars) I fleeted up and headed to the rendezvous at the Wormhole.  And in my excitement I yes......., wait for it ......., jumped on contact.  Total, 100%, no excuses, pleb and noob move.  To top matters off I then had to wait for a good 5 minutes on the wrong side of the hole and listen to endless banter on Vent about the pleb in the BS who couldn't follow basic WH procedure of largest ship through last.

Ha Ha Ha, no harm no foul.  But wait it gets better.  Now I don't know about the majority of Eve peeps, but I am an account junkie.  I have 4 (though soon to be 3 as I combine accounts since my producer/trader toon is almost done he can "share" time with my Orca/Leadership pilot).  Anyway, I tend to forget who can do what skill wise.  Now I KNOW I have toons that can use T2 drones, and I THOUGHT my C6 WH Toon could.  Well I was wrong.  So imagine my shame finally showing up to the first site to be cleared (a good half hour after the T3 cruisers did, or at least it felt like half an hour)and attempting to throw my drones, only to get the message I don't have the skills to use Hobby II's.  Fortunately, there were plenty of drones out and maybe no one noticed.

Well from there things settled down.  The sites cleared quick (yes 3 T3's and Abby and Guardian make quick work of 2 Sleeper BS's), my gas mining skills are fine, and I am told I made a fair amount of Isk for 3 hours work. 

So it is obvious I have gone from decent fish leading a small group in a small C2 pond, to a very small fish, with an oversized ship, in a very big pond (and unfortunately one who had a few first op jitters).  Here's to hoping the next few go better.



  1. seriously... LMFAO!

    why are the t3's perfered seems like a lot more cash to be risking for less dps and hp

  2. The only things the Abby has better is Effective HP and volley damage, but a faction fit T3 can absorb more sustained damage then the Abby and has the same or better DPS.

    A properly fit T3 with a skilled pilot (read level 4 all subsystems) is superior to any BS for wormhole life. Add to it that its mass is 6M v 103M kg means it is a lot easier to get around. A fleet of 10 Battleships would be severly limited in mobility around W-Space, where 20-30 T3's can get around quite nicely.