Thursday, April 8, 2010

Preparing to depart

Well I am now a member of Capital Contruction Research and am ready to depart for a Class 6 wormhole, well mentally ready.

Just a few small tasks to actually get ready.  Needed to prep justa few things, like ships, rigs, mods, etc.

For the first time I dont have an Orca running stuff for me and will have multiple jumps to get into the C6.  So the thought of trying to jump in rigged ships did not appeal to me.  Overall, I need to get 4 ships in.  A quick analysis showed a rigged Mammoth will haul all the hulls, rigs, and mods I need.

So I have spent the last two nights gathering stuff into Sobaseki, selling my rigged ships in Jita, and getting new hulls, rigs for the trip in. 

The corp will be providing Gas Mining ships and I will be buying a PVE ship from a corp mate.  So I need a PVP ship (Harby), scanning ship (amarr covert ops), Stealth Bomber (Purifier), and rock miner (Covetor).  Overall it just fits inside the 27k m3 the Mammoth provides.  Nice thing is that will also give me a small hauler to use also.

So all I need to do now is get the Mammoth packed, and wait for a high sec opening (and hope its clear of hostiles).

Well hopefully I will have some stories soon again of my Life In The Hole. 



  1. Been reading a bit of your blog lately. Way to try a new and exciting adventure! That's the only thing that will forever keep this game exciting...

  2. Yo...thats a pretty good corp from what I hear. I used to fly with Edward and then he broke off and went to CCRES...think he has been there for a year now. Congrats and good luck!

  3. I have applied and am hopeful of a future with that corp. As of now, anything but the solo life sounds like an upgrade. Here's hoping.

  4. So far so good for me. I am finally in and have had a little fun, though nothing major yet.