Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Headed Back to W-Space

Well I am headed back to W-Space, well part of me is.

I have decided I have had enough of High Sec PvP and decided it is time to head back into W-Space.  I always thought that when I did this I would lead a group into a Class 4 wormhole.

Well I decided to take a slightly different path.

I have joined a corp that runs a C6 with a static C6 and am taking just one toon in for now.

I hope to have some fun tails soon, but at this point all I have to report in my application has been accepted, pending my 24 hour wait to leave my current corp.  From there I will have to wait for a High Sec route and then jump in my ships.

I am looking forward to getting back to W-Space life, and truth be told, I actually have missed scanning stuff down.

More to follow I hope.