Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I thought I knew how to live in W-Space

Turns out I only knew how to get by.

So my first three "serious" nights in my new home have been eye-opening.

Lets just say I thought a lot more of my w-space skills before the weekend started, then after it ended. I do have to preface this by saying that my main toon is still a young pup at just over 11M SP.  In addition I have never been around large fleet deployments.  My 0.0 experience in a previous life consisted of chaining some belts and very limited mining, a few roams, and in the end a lot getting blown up and one 32 system jump back to high sec in a Rook.

So this weekend started with a call to arms to do some "evictions" in neighboring Class 6's.  I only wish my RL, and Eve Skills, allowed me to fly the ships i saw gathering and participate and witness the stories I heard being told on vent.

So while the "big boys" were away playing with their "big boy toys", I was actually happy to get in some scanning time.  I must say my skills were rusty as it took awhile to get back up to speed on how the whole scanning thing worked.  In addition, the people who make a habit in living in Class 5 and 6 W-Space tend to be, how do you say, "a little more experienced" in making life hard on scanners.  It didn't help that I was at the same time trying to learn how to best scan and use the corp tools for recording my findings (necessary to get compensated for my scanning efforts).

So after a few run ins with locals, an hilarious encounter with a Buzzard jumping into our guarded system (and back again really quickly), and several routes to high sec discovered and quickly utilized in both directions I felt good about myself.  The feeling was short lived as I went to log out of the probing op and discovered that on average, the other 3 pilots had discovered about 4 times as many sigs in the same amount of time.

I quickly got one in Vent and started to pick his brain, only to discover these guys are using patterns on probes i would never have thought of, are getting signatures scanned down to 25% (and thus type) several at a time, and overall making my opinion of my overall probing skills fell severely inadequate (and there is no little blue enhancement pill for that).

So as i sit looking at my ships and skill set, I am for the first time in Eve feeling crazily meek, and hoping that even 1/10th of the knowledge and experience rubs off on me as I learn what W-Space living and thriving is all about.


p.s. For all of you in the blogs I have read fearing CCRES as you go about your daily W-Space life, just remember, we only seem to cover about 1% of W-Space a day.  But remember, you aren't paranoid if people really are out to get you.


  1. any chance of sharing some of your new found probing patterns?

  2. Phantam - I would be happy to, if I understood completely what they were doing and had an ability to convey a picture with less the a thousand words.

    What I will share is other discussions I have had with people regarding scanning.

    Personally I use 5 probes. I am capable of 7, but have always just used 5. I use a "cross" pattern with one probe in the "center" and the other 4 around it. I have them just barely overlapping at 2AU and then can expand to 4 AU for planet scans, and still scan with a single probe to try to get the type at 1AU.

    All the other "patterns" I have heard and seen are, for lack of a better explaination, "layered", with 2AU probes, "surrounded" by 4AU or 8AU probes.

    All I can say is the goal always seems to be finding a pattern that does not need to be repositioned or resized, but simply moved as a group, with a "target" zone in the middle (or one case way off to the side by itself) and is capable of getting a majority of sigs to 25% to identify type.

  3. I guess it goes without saying that all scanning skills to 5, covert to 5, sisters launcher, sisters probes and sisters implants dont hurt. For the record, I have skills mainly at 4, covert at 3 and sisters probes only (looking to see where my sisters launcher is currently).