Monday, April 19, 2010

A "hole" new level to Eve

I have played Eve combined between my two stents for almost 2 years now.

I have been in decent corps, run what I hope are decent corps, and been a part of awful corps (and hopefully not run any bad ones).

But I have to say, in my limited experience, I have never seen nor been a part of a corp like the one I am now.  The level of organization, both in and out of game, is insane.  And frankly it would have to be to run a corp with over 200 members out of W-Space.

From the mundane of logistics in just housing and moving stuff, to the complex of figuring out how to split the pie, this corp is like nothing I have seen.

I have been part of 0.0 in an alliance that resembled a major interstate, after a truckload of oil had been spilled, followed by a light rain, and topped off by several cars with no brakes, driven by blind teenagers, talking on cell phones, and texting.

I can't wait to participate farther in the corp and see what Class 6 life entails.  But after finally getting to the Home system, getting my "hole" legs back, and contributing slightly, I am excited about the future with CCRES.



  1. Yep, living in a class six with a big corp takes some organisation. I think you'll definitely enjoy it with CCRES, they are one of the best.

    We bumped into them today while they were running class 6 sites, but we closed the hole quick - we didn't have the numbers to interfere.

  2. Very cool. Glad that the corp is working out for you. Excited to hear about how the C6 sites look.

  3. cant wait for more blogs on this, dude honestly your my #1 favorite blog, im a nullsec'er and really dont have much experience in wormholes but reading your blog is just awesome.