Monday, March 8, 2010

And I thought sitting in an empty wormhole was boring

So back in high sec and here is my to-do list.
  1. Get Standings with main Fighting Character
  2. Get Standings for main refiner (by fleeting with main fighter)
  3. Form a High Sec Indy corp with possible POS for research (deligated)
  4. Recruit for Indy corp
  5. Recruit for PvP corp
  6. Figure out a Passive income stream
  7. Find a Class 4 WH with Static Class 4
  8. Figure out just how much Isk I am going to need for upcoming expansion
So here I sat all weekend, trying desperately to increase my standings with the corp we settled on for our Indy side.  So either I can fleet along with the other 3-4 guys doing level 4's (and getting about one mission done per hour and splitting it 4 ways) or I can "power" through Level 2's on my own.  I choose the Level 2's since I can get 5-6 done in a hour just by powering through them in my Harbinger with 5 Hammerheads.

So I can honestly say I have now accomplished one other thing in Eve I never thought I would.  Falling asleep at the keyboard while playing. 

I have had several times where someone on a mining op fell asleep/passed out and thankfully the Corp had a POS in system to warp them to safely.  But I never understood how that happens.  Defiently never thought I would accomplish that task, especially in a mission.  But do it I did.  Friday night, watched a movie with the SO and decided to settle in to a few hours of killing frigs.  About the 4th mission, warp in to a central pocket and unfortunetly this mission has timmed waves so there were several "gaps" in the mission.  I think I fell asleep in the second wait time.  All I know is I woke up about 25 minutes later, head slumped back in the chair and my dogs staring at me with their legs crossed.  I expected to look at the screen and see a pod, but all I saw were enemy wrecks and 3 drones happily circling me (and yes I started with 5).

So I pulled the drones, set course for the Dock, let the dogs out and went to bed.  Yes I even forgot to turn the mission in.  Realised the next day when I went to get another mission that I still had one to turn in.

So in the end I have determined that there are things worse then sitting around in a W-Space system, with no anoms, your 2 statics, and crappy neighbors.  Its power running low level missions.

Fly Safe,


  1. Piece of advice - power-run some of those low-levels and then take a break by doing something else. Earlier this year, I damn near fried my brain running L2s and L1s on an alt for a buddy to drop a POS.

  2. and that... is why I have started playing multiple MMO's :D

    if there's nothing in my wh or it's static. I got play a free korean MMO or Oblivion or my past addiction Guild Wars

  3. It is hard to believe that running L2's is worse then mining, but it is not even close. L2's are way worse.

    Welkyr - I have spent a fair amount of time on my other love (online poker) in the last few weeks.

    Latro - I just want to get it done and get back to working on learning PvP. Hopefully once I get a L3 agent, it will go much faster.


  4. Lol I lost my first ship by falling asleep on mission. The mission required killing some gun turrets but since I was in a cruiser with short gun range I had to fly a way to get them all. But yeah the secret is do a few and then do something else!

  5. Well...

    This guy I pod/ganked in high sec last week convoed me. He was pretty assumed since I killed his jump clone, but he told me that he had been miningin his covetor, and then he had fallen asleep to wake up to station scenery.

  6. SO RUN 2 CLIENTS, afk run your mission and run some pvp or something in the second window, only have to tab back to the mission once in a while.

  7. I guess falling asleep is more comman then I thought.

    Phan - I actually usually run 3 clients, but the other two are miner and hauler, so not too exciting. The thing is my main fighting toon is also my main PvP guy so hard to dual client that.