Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why W-Space

I thought the answer to manasi's comment deserved a seperate post.

So why W-Space.

For me initially it was the increased Isk that coul dbe made mining the ABC roids.  Up to that point all my efforts had been to maximize my ability to generate Isk in an Orca based fleet in high sec.  I accomplished this and was even able to fly my own Orca (though not with all the booster skills).

At first I was attracted to the new scanning skills.  It was one area where true "skill" outside the game could be used.  A young toon with minimal in game skills but a good understanding of the 3-D nature of scanning could hold there own.

First trips into W-Space were for the "thrill" of mining in a 0.0 envirnment and being able to "control" my environment with wormhole management.

Then added to that the Sleepers that actually fought with better AI, switched targets, targeted drones, etc.

In the end what attracted me most was the "unknown" of W-Space.  The not knowing what the day and new hole would bring.  Might be fighting anoms, might be a neighbor linked to a Class 5 and high end Ladar.  Might be an unwanted active neighbor and potential hostile visitors.  Overall, that is why I was drawn to W-Space.  What kept me in W-Space was the increased ability to generate Isk with young toons.  Ultimetly that is what has also lead to our departure as the overall ability to generate income has severly diminished in Class 2 systems.

What will eventually lead me back to W-Space is the unknown of what the day will bring.  Also I can say it is also the small, closer knit nature of W-Space.  A small corp of 5 dedicated players can make a very good living in W-Space, but larger groups are not at that much of an advantage in W-space as mass limits, time limits and other factors inhibit the effectiveness of large corps to muster large roaming forces in lower Class 2 systems.

So I guess its the fact that any day could bring Mining, Gas Harvesting, PVE or PVP (wanted and unwanted) that continues to draw me to W-Space.  The logistics and hassle and potential for boredom are what keeps me away.  For now the Class 2 with a Class 2 static does not tip the scale in W-Space's favor, I will someday find out if a Class 4 with a Class 4 static will.

Fly Safe,

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  1. I hope you continue to keep yo7ur blog up Mick, I love reading it. I have a sneaky feeling that you will be back in a class 4 sooner than expected ;)