Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thanks Damark

It was all over but the final hour of pulling down the Large Tower where we had been trying (mostly with limited success) our hand at Simple Reactions in a Classs 2 system with a high sec static.

So I log in and am immediately invited to a Private Conversation by Damark.  In W-Space this is usually followed quickly by bad news. 

Sure enough the converasation quickly confirms the following:
  1. He is sitting somewhere within sight of the POS and sees me.  I hate cloaky things.
  2. He has intentions on "my" w-space
  3. He has experience in W-Space
I quickly tell him I am leaving (even offer to sell him the tower) and want nothing other then to beat an exit to the soon collapsing wormole to high sec.  He "assures" me that he will assist in safe passage out.  A quick look at the corp info does show he is the CEO, so at least I can assume he does speak for the corp.  Well he tells me I am gfood to start unanchoring and that he needs to run for a bit to eat.

So at this point I have few choices.  Trust him and start unanchoring, or wait it out and assume he really does have the fire power to take down a Large POS with only two ECM left.  I guess I could just wait and see if he is just bluffing, but I don't think he was bluffing.

Again, my assumption (much like K162space's) is that anything brought to W-Space is already lost.  However, I usually don't look for ways to lose 350M.  So I assumed he really was eating (and not gather troops to kill me) and he really was friendly. 

Well about 15 minutes into the hour, the B274 collapsed.  So much for plan A.  I worried because this static has had a nasty habit of popping out onto high sec islands, surrounded by low sec, with no routes back to Jita.  So started to scan down the new hole (been warp canceling to all the sigs so the hole is pretty bottomed out).  Found the new exit, and flew through.  Sweet, first good news of the night was the new exit was 4 jumps from my high sec base.

So as my scanning alt sat on the high sec side watching for visitors, I lined up the orca for the snatch and grab.  I hoped Damark was a fan of very long dinners and he would maybe fall asleep after a big meal. 

No such luck.  With about 15 minutes left in the count down back came Damark on the chat.  He kept it friendly and I even offered him the Deep Safe Spot i had created.  He started to share his plans and a few stories.  Seemed like a cool enough guy.  I went ahead and mentioned my blog and lo and behold he is a reader.   Confirms my belief that w-space regulars are a weird bunch that actaully enjoy reading about other peoples gaming expierence.

So as we discuss plans for the Class 2 Damark mentions that they are looking to use the Static Z Wormhole to Class 1 systems as a PvP training ground.  Now that got my attention.  So with 10 minutes left we had agreeded to a Non Aggress Pact, as well as potential to join them on PvP nights when the High Sec exit was in a good spot. 

So in the end, the chance encounter ended way better then I could have hoped and even lead to what I hope becomes a potentially sweet launchpad for my PvP corp to learn some W-Space PvP tactics.

Oh and of course with 3 minutes left a scanning ship appeared on the high sec side of the wormhole and headed in.  Figures, nothing goes as easily as planned.   Funny thing was the scanner saw the POS on scan, without a force field mind you, and quickly decided the system was dangerous.  Second lucky break of the night, as an experienced pirate would have quickly known what a POS and no associated force field (or any modules for that matter) probably meant.

So fly safe, and a shout out to a new W-Space friend in Damark.



  1. LOL nice post about you run of the mill luck!

  2. lolol! I recall Damark stating that he was about to raid a wspace system! If only I knew it was about you!

    Confirmed that wspace residents like to read blogs and share experiences :-p

    In any case I am glad it worked out well for you and make sure you join "wspace colonists" channel to avoid such incidents in the future.

    ...and yeah Damark is a cool guy :-)
    (this shameless plug will be added to your next invoice)

  3. EB - I have had good luck, and bad luck in W-Space. The one thing that always seems absent is no luck (of course in W-Space no luck is good luck).

    QP - I know Damark shared some of his recent "adventures" in trying to find a Class 2 with Statics to High and Class 1 systems. I don't doubt that if my POS had been coming and not going that we would have ended up with a much different relationship. In the end I am very happy it went the way it did.