Friday, March 5, 2010

Life is not fair, why should EVE be different

It amazes me why people always expect stuff to be "fair" and even further what their views of "fair" are.

Now I know I have views of things that are "wrong" with the game, like the freaking exit from Jita 4-4 (I mean who doesn't love to play bumper ships in Inty V's with people trying to scan your cargo, and why is scanning someones cargo not an aggressive act).  But overall I don't complain about the mechanics of the game very often.  I don't LIKE suicide gankers at gates, I don't LIKE the imbalance of indy ships being able to be ganked by destroyers that can be fully insured to amount to zero loss for the gankers.  But I don't think these things are "unfair".

So again the other night we are flying in a small frig fleet looking for trouble.  We are all in seperate areas of the same system trying to get a fight (okay trying to piss people off enough to shoot us), when a pilot in a Harpy decides for whatever reason to mess with us.  Usually a T2 frig is not a fight we would look to take on, but we were bored and there were three of us.  Well he decides to flip one of our cans in front of a station and draws aggro for our whole corp.  We promtly decide that yes this is a fight we are willing to take on. 

We wait a few minutes for him to resume ratting from belt to belt and launch our attack.  We quickly get a point on him and soon enough have him in armor.  The first request in local is 5M to stop.  Nah.  Second is 10M. Nah. We finish the job.  Then the onslaught in local begins about how 3 v 1 is not "Fair" and we "cheated" and this game is not "fair".  Really?  How so?  Oh he EXPECTED a 1v1 battle with a Punisher.  A quick scan of local would have showed him he should have EXPECTED a 3 v 1.  He did not ask in local for a 1 v1.  He did not seek to clarify the rules of engagement.  Not that we would have taken a 1 v 1 fight (please a t2 frig v t1, that is not even).

In the end, his lack of looking at the situation, not scanning local for the number of people he was about to aggro and not negoiating the rules of engagement before hand all fell back on him, but we were the ones that were "not fair" and he was simply a victim.  Please. 



  1. That's what you get for flying Caldari.

  2. Just like how ECM is only fair if you're the one with 2 Falcons in your fleet.

    Granted, I guess to be nitpicky about the definition of "fair," technically your fight wasn't "fair," but that doesn't mean you were wrong for doing it. There's a difference between looking for a "fair" fight for the sake of having a fight, or using your available resources to stack the odds heavily in your favor (which some people would describe as not fighting "fair").

    Basically, he deserves a HTFU and should expect people not to always play by his rules of "fairness."

    Nice post. I'm glad you helped teach him this lesson.

  3. I seriously doubt he learned anything.

    And what describres a fair fight? Isk involved? Ships involved? Types of ships involved?

    To him a "fair" fight was his 30M Isk T2 frig against one of our 1M Isk T1 Frigs.

    And "fair" or not, he easily had the abiltiy to gauge what fight he was going to get.

    IMO, if he had known we were in 3 T1 frigs and decided to fight, then once we had him tackled flew and got bigger ships, that might have been unfair.