Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And now for something completey different

Well the pull out of W-space is complete (except for the corpie that has not logged on for a week, wow is he in for a surprise, and yes i left a scanner in system to lead him out), the Red Frog contracts have our stuff back to our high sec base and well it was time to figure out something new.

So I know that the one glaring hole in my resume for w-spave is PVP stuff, so I moved to a small Frig based PVP corp for a stent in high sec/low sec pvp.

I have to say this is a completely different world.  Flying around in a punisher looking for a fight is way different then shooting roids and scanning sigs.

So far I have my first two kills and have to say I am aching for more.

The goals of this stent are simple.  To work my way up to stealth bombers and other ships used for PVP in w-space, all in preperation for a return to w-space in a Class 4 with a Static Class 4.

Fly safe, or cheap

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  1. I must admit I do not understand the desire or fascination with WH space....just way too much bordom for me at least. We toyyed with the idea but let it go. I just see no upside and mostly logistical nightmares...reward is just too low (I'm not looking for money) and honestly it is too solitary a life. Still keep writing about em maybe something will intrigue me.