Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eve POS Refining Yields

Well after spending way too much time trying to figure the POS refining yields and searching all over I have concluded one thing.

No one can agree on the yield.

I read one post where someone insists that the Intese Refining Array is a 50% base with a CAP at 75%.  If this is the case a total noob with no skills would easily get the 75% as with zero skills you get 87.5% at a 50% station.  Can easily check that off the list of possible ways this works.

Well I thought that it was your refining rate in a 50% station TIMES 75%, but early refining cycles come out to not match this formula either.

So I just about gave up the I came accross a reference to this formula in one of the EO forums posts.

Refining yields in a 75% POS refinery = 56.25%*Skills

where Skills = (1+(Refining Skill Lvl * .02))*(1+(Refining Eff Skill Lvl*.04))*(1+(Ore Proc Skill Lvl*.05))

That would yield the following chart for yield by skills.  Rememeber it is Capped at 75% so all values greater then 75% = 75%.

So far I have been able to test this only on my skills of Refining V and Refining Eff III, and it matches the yield I got, whereas the 50% station Yield * 75% did not.

Can anyone else mining in W-Space and using a POS refinery help to confirm this formula/table?


Fly Safe,


  1. looks logical to me. I don't do the refining at our POS so I can't speak for our corp.

  2. Thanks for the chart. That seems logical. I guess I don't have to do any more training on abc refining skills after all.

  3. i have done a refine with refining V, refinery efficiency II and ore processing III, got max refine out of the intensive refining array