Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Like Thieves in the Night

As our hole has all but bottomed out (the result of "visiting" too many things in the beginning), we have been forced to turn to our static Class 2 for things to do. I realize now that this is the way it should be.

So last night our first neighbor of the night was a system with 2 POS's (but only 1 online), no sign of activity and a lot of signatures, but few anomolies. Is this a corp that just knows how to run the anomolies and not work the signatures? Well any way, we fired up the probers and quickly found 3 grav sites. Getting our resources mounted, we hit the ABC's of our neighboring system and cleaned out the cream of the crop roids from a few belts.

With 5 Hulks mining and a Commander in a Myrm giving cycle time bonuses, it did not take long. Also with only a lone rigged Mammoth hauling we also quickly fell behind and had a number of cans in space. We finished the night with a single Orca run to clean up the remaining 6-7 cans. Never saw a single probe, or hint of another capsuleer.

So I think our small corp has passed another W-Space growth point. We are ready and willing to raid our neighbors cupboard for goods. Yes, it feels safer to stay within our system and the safety of the POS, but I don't think a Wormhole can sustain a small corp for long. So as we now wait for our system to rebound I am confident we will work it smarter and also in a way that still emphasizes the importance of raiding our Class 2 Static.

Overall, I think this also shows the importance of the Static Wormholes when seleceting a W-Space home.

Fly Safe,


  1. Statics are definitely the key to sustained W-Space colonization - good to hear you had a quiet trip next door.

    Sounds like a dominating mining crew - have you guys decided to refine locally or hauling raw ore to market?

    Fly Safe!

  2. Now that we have our Large POS setup we are using the Intensive Refinery Array and sacrificing the 25% yield.

    Having a Low Sec Static is great to limit traffic, but does make any high sec runs dependent on the WH's of our neighbor.


  3. I do hope you're carefully watching for the locals while you're running your operation! I'm a fairly friendly WH neighbor to have, but if one of my neighbors started coming in and running sites in my hole, well, I'd do my best to murder them! Probably fail, but hey, I'd try :p

    That's one thing I don't understand though... how could anyone living in a wormhole have several active anomaly's and signatures in their system, if they're actively working it? I'm a 1-man corp, and even with just me working a fairly packed fresh wormhole, it only takes 3 or 4 days to have everything except maybe some gravs or a couple ladars completely cleaned out. Are people really that inefficient at clearing sites, or do they just not play much, or do they have another reason for leaving sites up? If so, I can't find it.

    Glad to hear you and your corp are prospering in WH space. Good luck!

  4. Directional is our best friend.

    We also make sure that we are set to have a "wing commander" set to be able to warp our whole group.

    As for how a system is "occupied" but unworked, I can only assume they are weekend warriors or casual players.

    I also believe there are a lot of casual wormholers in Class 2's who its one of several things they do and as such are not "living" in the hole.