Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well now that I am in full control of my future, I think it is time for some introductions.

First up is my main toon, Hundo Kay. Born in a shuttle stop in Jita, Melvin Kay was a runt growing up and always insisted to his tormentors that one day he would become a great capsuleer and kill "at least a hundred ships". They quickly started calling him "Hundo" for his ridiculous dreams. Well fortune smiled on Hundo and he did become a capsuleer. He has killed hundreds of ships in vital missions for Poksu Mineral Group, but has currently taken his fight to a Class 2 wormhole and the Sleepers there.

Second in my crew is Capitaine Evident. As a boy growing up in Gallente, Jacques Pasteur had a knack for stating the obvious. It soon began to drive his school mates crazy that Jacques would always point out the most obvious of facts. During his initial capsuleer traing, Jacques stated "gee my pulse lasers change colour to match the crystal I am using", to which his instructor stated, "non feces, Capitaine Evident". Needless to say the name stuck.

Last in my lineup of main toons is Ian Stormcloud. His parents spent a lot of time worrying about Ian Keller as a boy and spent a lot of Isk trying to figure out what was behind his dark moods. In his early days of his career, his peers took to calling him Stormcloud, for the mood he often brought to the room. His friends always knew a night at the Pleasure Hub with Ian was sure to lead to serious time in the Brig. It took Ian 8 years to get through the 3 year program, and he set school records for penalty minutes in every major sport he played.

At this point I am also maintaining several scanning toons, but the only one of imporatnce is Monna Sei. She is the Founder and CEO of Great White North Exploration, until such time as Hundo can get to a station and assume control of the company.

So please feel free to drop a line to any of my toons in game and I would love to chat about W-Space and share knowledge. And please, if you see anyone from Great White North Exploration roaming through W-Space please don't shoot.

Fly Safe,

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