Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our First Pack Hunt

You have to love group operations.

With the addition of two corp mates and another 4 accounts to the Wormhole Posse, I wanted to run the anomolies down to 2 and clean out the radar sites. So we decided at 9:30 local time to start a fleet and run the 2 anomolies and 2 radar sites. Well at a little after 10:05 we finally pushed off. Gotta love getting the initial setups tweaked from mission to WH setups.

Final fleet was 2 Abby, 2 Drakes, and 1 salvaging Drake. Plenty of firepower and plenty of defense for Class 2 combat. Had the Abby's paired to armor rep each other and the Drakes set up to shield transfer.

Well needless to say nobody got close to being threated in the anomolies, and fortunetly we got the Radar site with the remote repping cruiser sleepers and really never had anyone get even close to having to warp out.

All told cleared the 2 anomolies and 2 radar sites, salvaged, and hacked the cans in just over 2 hours. Not bad for a first outting with friends. Nothing like seeing 20 drones ripping through the Sleeper Frigs.

On the POS side, we had a record 4 active Wormholes in system (static 2 and 2 inbound K162's from Low Sec and Class 4), so the POS setup will wait for another night.

Fly Safe,

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