Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lessons Learned (so far)

With a few weeks of serious W-Space under my belt here is what I have learned so far.

1) Orca's rule. By far the backbone of any w-space enterprise. They can haul a ton (though they don't have the best mass to cargo ratio), they can fit three armor links for assisting combat ops, they obviously give great mining bonuses, and they are large to be that last ship through to close a hole.

2) Closing holes is a vital skill. Priority should be to work the statics and keep stuff in your own hole from bottoming out. To do this you need to be able to quickly and reliably close the static holes until a suitable neighbor is found. Also when looking for a fuel run, the opposite is true in looking for that system that is worked but not active. And above all for getting rid of that pesky K162

3) Probing skills are a must. Would think this would be tops, but really decent skills will get you by. And this really is one area where technique can overcome lower skills. Its not about having the most powerful probes, but rather using the probes you have out in the most effective manner. You should be able to 1) pin a wormhole down quickly 2) find a WH in a packed system quickly, and 3) "know" what type of site it is by how it is scanning down. On the last one I can usually tell a site is Unk/Grav/Ladar or Mag/Radar fairly quickly by the signal strengths at 4au and 2au.

4) Salvaging skills are vital. The money of anomalies in is the salvage. Better skills, quicker results.

5) Directional is your friend. Even better, learn to sort by distance to get the "unknown distance" to the top. Always have overview unchecked, and the signatures without distance at the top. Makes seeing probes easier.

6) You must be versatile. Every day will be different. Sure if you are working a Grav site in your own hole you would assume you would be mining. But you could easily log in to find 2-3 K162 holes in your system. Going to mine then? Well not right away. The system and conditions will dictate your actions. We don't know day to day what the hole will bring, and we must be ready to pew pew, mine, close holes, make market runs, etc etc. This also applies to ships, should have setups ready to go. If that means dedicated setups for quick changes then get a few more ships into the wormhole and get them setup.

7) Beware the Covert Ship. They are powerful and in hands of the right person deadly.

8) Don't get podded, getting back in sucks.

9) Fly safe and make good isk. It is really really possible and beats running level 4's over and over.

Fly Safe,


  1. One thing that I've found extraordinarily useful - not because I've yet needed it, but because of the peace of mind it has given me - is an alt dedicated solely to scanning out a way back in to your hole if you ever do get podded (or end up on the wrong side of a collapsing wormhole).

    It doesn't take long at all (less than 12 hours) to train up an alt in a T1 scanning frigate with grav rigs that is more than capable of scanning out wormholes back into your system. Personally, I bring that alt into my hole and leave them permanently logged off; their sole job will be to find my way back if I ever get locked out for whatever reason.

    Granted, with multiple people in the hole, that situation is less and less likely, but you can never be too careful... a POS + modules + ships and everything else is a hefty enough expense to make 12 hours of training a scanning alt seem like an awesome investment!

    Best of luck in your continuing adventures!

  2. I agree totally. I have 4 such toons. 2 in holes and 2 waiting for me to finish their training. Pretty sure the guy that invested several Bil in his faction POS I found offline wishes he had spent 12 hours on an emergency scanning alt.