Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Great Guide and a Funny List

After spending a few hours mining gas, I had about an hour to kill before the refinery was done and I could put another load of our new ABC's into the thing (I hate 3 hour cycles).  So it was off to my other addiction. poker.  While palying, I also decided to do some searching around for more w-space stuff.  I came accross

and his list of how not to die

This is just too damned funny, while actually very, very helpful.  I think #17 is by far my favorite.

Also while there, check out his guide.

I did not read it in depth, but certainly look forward to going back and doing so.  I am eager to see if the humor and knowledge is consistant throughout his posts.

Fly Safe (or cloaked)


  1. nice link!

    I think most of his suggestions are fairly common sense things for in wormholes, but they're still nice to have compiled for easy reference.

  2. Miningzen

    I read a few more posts and I love the combination of ADD and humor.

    Great reads and look forward to following your blog.