Friday, January 1, 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho

With no anomolies and no Radar/Mag Sites left, I turned my sights to mining the Grav sites.

Right now I am the only one in our Wormhole as the rest of the corp is gathering supplies and waiting out the holiday season. So its just me, myself and I.

With the fear of rats non existant in the grav belts (once initial spawn is killed no further sleepers appear), I have my hulks set up with ecm in mid slots as a last ditch chance to save them if I don't see the attack coming.

With three toons, I have two in hulks and one in a retriever. My normal method is to attack a single ABC roid and "group" the cans off one ship. This allows for much easier transfer to the orca when I need to haul. If there is any ABC roids in any grav sig that is priority one. At present I have 3 grav sigs in system. 2 Common and 1 Unexceptional (which dispite its name is a very nice belt).

In the last three nights I have been left alone traffic wise and managed to get in some very good mining time. All told I have hauled in 50k Crokite, 25K Bistot, and 15k Arkonor.

The question now is what to do with it. I can hold it and wait for our Corp to set up the large POS and the refinery, or I can attemp to haul it out. The key is that while there is ABC in the wormhole to be mined, I find it hard to justify hauling to refine for 100%, when I can refine at 75% in the hole soon. From experience, hauling out the mins and saving 25% is almost equal isk wise to taking teh loss and continuing mining. The key would be saving the ABC mins till there are no grav sites in system and there is nothing else to do except haul. As of yet I have not had this problem.

Well Happy New Year to all, thanks Star Defender for the shout out and I look forward to continuing to share my experiences.

Fly Safe,


  1. Cheerz Mick!

    I discovered your blog from Star Defender's plug and must say I love to see more WH focused blogs!

    Regarding your question, I say refine it with 75% or get yourselves a Rorqual. I am training for one and should be able to fly it in less than 20 days now, but until we actually manage to build one that might take even more time.. In any case, go for the refining.


  2. Well we finally got the large POS in systems and will be setting it up.

    The key is don't leave empty and don't come back empty.

    So I think I will always leave at least a few Orca loads or ore uinrefined and just leave the rest for refining in system.

    As for the Roq, I would love to have one in a Class 2 but seems to be overkill to build one in system that could never leave. Wonder what the ROI on that would be.


  3. we did the math on a Rorq in a C2 back in the original Planet Risk days and it didn't cut it. I can't recall what the actual ROI was but in the end we didn't want to leave it behind, and don't think anyone would be interested in buying a Rorq in a Class 2 where you don't get any of the good grav sites.