Friday, January 15, 2010

Making the Changes

Man is it tough to do Corporate stuff in EVE.

To take down a Large POS, Form a Corporation, have everyone relinquish their roles, wait, get out of the hole to a station, to quit the corp, get to an office to apply and finally find a new hole for the POS.

Looks like a week long process.

So far I have the new corporation formed, Great White North Exploration (yes in reference to Bob and Doug), and tonight will have my first major toon into that corporation. Then I will be able to launch the Medium POS in our current base system and move all the Large POS stuff to its hanger.

So if all goes well tonight, I will be able to start the 24 hour clock on my other two characters to get them into the new corp, as well as the toons of my new partner in W-Space Adventures.

Once we have that done and the Large POS staged to settle a new system we will start looking at our static class 2 systems to find a suitable new home.

Overall I am liking the dual POS setup as it allows a lot of flexibility in terms of setting up and tearing down in systems. Looks like the plan long term will be to settle a system with lots of signatures with the Large POS. Once the system gets runned down, especially of Grav sigs, we will unanchor the refinery (by far the hardest at 2 hours) and trim down the POS of any modules we can and prepare to move. At that point if a good system presents itself we would be mobile enough to exploit it by anchoring the Medium POS in the new system and then moving the Large POS before the hole closed.

So onward and upward and hopefully back to killing Sleepers by next week.

Fly Safe,


  1. Are you running the duel POS setup 23/7?

  2. Not atm, we are back to just our large. We used the medium as a staging ground for the "transfer" of corps for the large.

    In the future we have the setup for a medium POS with medium refinery should we find a nice Class 2 Neighbor with a load of grav sites.