Monday, January 4, 2010

We Are In

Finally got a close High Sec entrance last night through our neighboring Class 2 system. It was 6 jumps from our High Sec base and my corpie with the Charon quickly got the POS and supplies to the system to link up with my Orca (fresh back to W-space thanks to Ghostsheart's help).

Both wormholes (D382 and B274) were fresh and appeared unused. I assumed we would have 3 Orca jumps and several Mammoth jumps. Got in the Large POS, Intense Refinery and support gear to set up our Large POS. I think we have a months fuel and several support ships also. Got it all to my personal Small POS to stage. Hope fully we will get the Large POS up and running tonight. And to top it off we left both holes "Mass Critical".

The night did not go without incident. We had a Zephyr and Caldari Navy Caracal show up in the neighboring Class 2, but fortunetly the guy was cool and may even be interested in joining the corp.

In the end we were short one Orca run from the 4 we had planned and had to leave a few ships for the next run (as well as another corpies stuff).

So finally, I am no longer a hermit and have a few friends to run sites and mine with. It was great to hear the first response from a corp mate when he saw the size of the Grav sites roids. "Welcome to W-space mining Aev".

Fly Safe,


  1. Hah! Nice. I will assume the reaction for a mining profession pilot to a W-space roid is equivalent to taking down a single sleeper site and netting 10 melted nanoribbons... ;-)

    Congrats on getting the gear into W-space and best of luck getting it safely onlined.

  2. Thanks,

    And I love the reaction the first time a miner sees a 25k Crokite roid.