Monday, December 28, 2009

Solo'd First Radar Site

Logged on last night to the lovely message that my system need to be loaded (indication no one had visited my wormhole yet since DT). Lost a grav site to despawn and had just the two unknowns of my static wormholes, so no work to do closing holes.

I started to finish off the last of the ABC roids from the Grav site I had worked the previous night when I got rudely interuppted by the crash.

Watch a little Jim Gaffigan and came back to see all was in order and back up and running in the Eve Universe.

Finished off the little bit remaining for the mining and decided to try and tackle the one Radar site. Setup t6he Abby for duel Large Armor Rep's, and twin Adaptive II's, had to scale back to only 5 guns to make the fit work, but definetly wanted to go defense over offense. Will need to add less demanding guns to shopping list for next trip to high sec.

Set up the Harbinger to throw drones and kill close in frigs and web cruisers.

Well not ideal setups but off I went. Really was surprised how easy the site started. First wave was all cruisers and the 1 BS in second wave never really got that hard. Fun started on the last wave with the dual BS spawn. Immediatly had to warp the Harbinger out as there was no way it was going to be able to tank dual Sleeper BS's. Got about 1/2 way through the first BS's armor and had to warp out the abby. I need to either be able tp throw drones farther or do more damage to get through a dual BS spawn without warping out.

On the second trip in, I just barely killed the first BS with about 8% armor left. With the dual repping I was easily able to tank the second BS alone. Finished the kills and got my hacking equipment.

Was quite surprised to find 2 of the 8 cans empty. Assume this is "normal" as I would expect the site to despawn if anyone had just warped in and tried to steal stuff quickly from the cans earlier.

Total net was about 20-25 datacores, and 12 chips. Estimated the haul at around 60-70 million, plus the 2 nanoribbons in the salvage. Total time was just under an hour, including the hacking and salvaging. Figure i can cut that time down with better setups.

Going to try the Mag site tonight if it is still there.

Fly Safe,

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