Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I played Eve awhile back for about a year, ran with a good corp for PvE. After about 6 months I decided to see what else the game had to offer and split training between an Inventor/Indy main and fighting Alt I was borrowing from a corpmate taking a break from the game. At the height of my first run in Eve I was running a successful Indy Corp making T2 mods and bring in over 1B a month for the corp in profit.

However, RL changed rapidly with a job loss. At the same time the corpmate wanted to come back to the game, so I gave him his character back. I also gave my Invention character to my second in command at the corporation I was running. I left Eve to concentrate on RL issues.

Fast forward to this fall and I decided to get a trail account and see what was left of the old corps. As has a way of happening, they had all scattered to the winds. The T2 Corp had long been dissolved and my character no where to be found. My fighting friend is very inactive. Old corpmates had RL issues and also left game. I finally ran into a buddy from Sweden who told me I should check out the Wormholes in the expansion, and exploration. I told him h was nuts I didnt have time to sit around and watch a scanner probe for 5 minutes at a time looking for crap. Boy was I in for a surprise.

I could not believe the difference in exploration. It was insanely better then it was before Apoc and I was instantly hooked.

About the same time I ran into another friend the runs an Indy Corp and has for a very long time. He loaned me a drop in the bucket for him, but a fortune for a new character and I was hooked on Eve again. As a bonus, he flew an Orca about every night and allowed me to tag along. Man is mining a heck of a lot more fun and profitable with that baby along for the ride.

SO for the past month and half I have been trying to absorb all I can about Eve Wormholes. I have read and re-read ArcDragon's guide. I have spent hours asking many helpful people in chat rooms all I can, and I know there is still tons to learn. My toons are new, and I know my skills greatly lag my knowledge at this point but it is my goal to make a living in the Holes of Eve.

To date, I have lost a retriever in a my first Class 1 with a Grav belt. I have lost a few Hulks to stupidity in a Class 2. Nearly lost my Harbinger in a Class 2 Radar site (corpie lost a drake), and have mined more Ark, Bist and Crok then I ever imagined in our Class 2 home for the moment. All in all it has been great fun so far.

Right now I am days away from a Abby for my main and fighting alt, as well as days away from an Orca for my Indy Specialist. I have a couple of toons offlined in a Class 4 with a static Class 4 connection and await the days I have the skills to go there and meet my fate among Eve Wormhole space.

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