Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Standard" Low Class Wormhole Configs

As I continue to scan w-space I am finding several "standard" WH configurations.

To be clear, I have not scanned more then a handful of anything other then High Sec systems to get into W-space. But I am finding a lot of "shallow" w-space systems, and a very flat class 4 systems.

The most common type of "system" is a class 2 with a high sec exit (wormhole B274) and a class 1 connection (wormhole Z647). Another is a Class 3 with a low sec static that is basically a one system "system".

I have found other configs but the majority are of these types of systems.

So to get deeper into w-space usually requires a Wormhole K162 to get in deeper.

Now the other observation is Class 4 is very very "flat", meaning that once into a class 4 the most comman static is a Wormhole X877. I have repeatedly run into 3-4 straight systems that are Class 4 to Class 4 connections.

On a good note, last night finally got my scanning alt into a 4 with a static 2. My concern here is if this is one of the few "down class" wormholes, I expect a lot of traffic.

I am moving my empire scanning efforts to low sec to see what i find there, since high sec scanning seems very limited in what you can find.

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