Friday, December 11, 2009

Venture Capital

Well the time has finally come to sit down and figure the costs of the venture out and decide both how to raise the necessary isk, as well as how to run the operations and distribute any profit.

First step was to sit down and decide on the POS setup. We settled on an Amarr Control Tower for the energy needs of running either a refining array or reactor. Spec'd out cost with all modules for the setup was $650M. Add a months worth of fuel at about $200M and the one month of POS and Fuel is $850M. Less then the $1B i had estimated.

The next step was to decide what to do with the ship needs. We could either go for a BYOS, but this seemed to be too loose and would require too many people trying to get in on th elimited space the Orca will have. We decided for the first 30 days we would settle on comman ships and have the corp own the ships, so that no one has to keep track of who owns what at the POS. Need a Raven for the night, get a Raven and hopefully return the Raven at the end of the night. Should reduce both the nuber of ships needed and the logistical nightmare of everyone trying to get stuff into the Wormhole.

So sat down and made a ship list. Hulks, Ravens, Abaddons, Scorps, Blackbirds, Buzzards, oh my. Turns out there were a lot of ships needed for all the various tasks of WH life. We will have to sit down and reevalutate the list, but initially it looks like we are in the range of $4.5B in ships and setups. Seems high, but heck the Orca is 500M by itself.

So bottom line is our little endevour is going to need over $5B worth of "stuff" to get off the ground and have a shot at making it through the first month.

Now the fun part. How to raise it and how to "pay back" those initial donors, but still allow for people to join and help and profit, even if they don't help the initial raising of the Venture Capital.

Fly Safe.

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